Thursday, July 24, 2014

Anderson Cooper's Thursday Coverage on CNN July 24, 2014

Anderson anchored "Legal View" at Noon ET today.

AC360 was back to one hour tonight.  Anderson spoke with the Dutch Prime Minister...

...and closed AC360 with sights and sounds from today's solemn journey.

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Jaanza said...

Although Anderson mentioned MH17 quite a bit at the start of Thursday's 360, it was all preview for reports later in the show. The lead story today was the Air Algerie plane which disappeared over northern Mali and strongly suspected to have crashed. Joe Johns reported on the basics and then Isa Somers provided more details. Then a panel with Miles O'Brien, David Soucie and Michael Goldfarb (where was Richard Quest?) discussed all the questions about this plane and also new info on MH17 and the FAA now allowing U.S. flights to go to Tel Aviv.

I wonder if the Israeli/Gaza war would have received so much time and second billing if it wasn't for the shell that hit a school/UN shelter. After a report by ?, Anderson talked to Wolf Blitzer and Karl Penhaul about the shell, its origins and what happens next over there.

Although I missed part of Anderson's Q&A with Barbara Starr about Russian involvement in the Ukraine and specifically their indirect blame for MH17, I did see Anderson's interview with Mark Rutte, Dutch Prime Minister. It was probably the best piece of the night. Rutte was very well-spoken, very eloquent. But also very diplomatic when answering Anderson's questions regarding Russian involvement.

There was a new report (again I didn't catch who made this report) on the MH17 crash site and again more footage of more bodies brought back to the Netherlands. Except for the addition of Dr. Judy Melinek, Anderson's talk with Sanjay Gupta on identification was a lot like yesterday's.

Ivan Watson showed up to cover the kidnapping of journalist Antoine Skiba, who had done work for CNN in the Ukraine.

The last segment was a commemoration of the 74 bodies brought back to the Netherlands today and that nation's continued mourning. An excellent piece 'Solemn Journey' and worth seeing here on ATA if you haven't seeing it yet.

aries moon said...

Anderson had some tough questions for the Dutch Prime Minister, but as Jaanza said, he was very sharp and impressive. I hope the kidnapped journalist will be returned safely, that's pretty scary stuff.

Anonymous said...

The NYPost ran a front page lead article on Putin's daughter.
It seems she lives in Holland and the locals want her deported back to Russia.
The real irony is that "she" can't stand living in Russia either and although she was not directly involved with the crash of MH17, her father certainly has enough blood on his hands.