Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Anderson Cooper's Wednesday Coverage on CNN July 23, 2014

Anderson Cooper anchored "Legal View" at Noon ET and stayed on to anchor "Wolf" and the first few minutes of the 2pmET Newsroom; leading CNN's coverage of the first 40 victims arriving in the Netherlands and parts of a memorial service on this National Day of Mourning in the Netherlands.  Richard Quest was in the studio with Anderson.

AC360 was again expanded to two hours, but slightly more than 30 minutes of the second hour was not live, but rather a repeat of the 8pmET hour.  Slightly after half way into the second hour Anderson was back live with some new segments.

Anderson opened AC360 with an overview...

... remembered victims at the end of the first hour....

... and showed highlights from the day at the end of the second hour.

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Jaanza said...

I had to get a kleenex during the first segment. Incredibly poignant and sad. Anderson's reporting of the first bodies arriving in the Netherlands and the day of mourning was excellent. He talked to Dutch citizen Michel Krielaars and with Richard Quest. Anderson mentioned a few times the "dignity and grace" of how the Dutch have dealt with this. Also in the first segment were questions for Nick Paton Walsh in the Ukraine and a discussion of the recovery and investigation. Anderson emphasized that all the bodies need to come home and Quest emphasized safety and the fact that this is a war zone. Walsh also pointed out the rebels shot down two Ukrainian military planes today.

Chris Cuomo had an interview with the Calehr family about the two sons they lost. The mom couldn't even speak and I had to get another kleenex. Sanjay Gupta covered the identification process, which as Quest said, could be distasteful and gruesome and must be faced.

Next Anderson spoke with ?someone? concerning the investigation (missed the start of this segment) and then to Barbara Starr on the two Ukrainian military planes shot down by the rebels today.

360's coverage of the Israel/Gaza war was almost entirely about the FAA banning U.S. flights there, the reasons, the impact and the politics of this decision. There was a short clip of Blitzer's interview with Frmr NYC Mayor Bloomburg and a Q&A with Rene Marsh and more input from Quest.

In the last segment Anderson profiled a dozen more MH17 victims; well-done as always.

Wednesday's 360 was very sad in some places. But I liked seeing fewer airline experts on the show. Sometimes panels have too many people but today it was mostly Quest and he proved he's all you need.

aries moon said...

It was clear from Anderson's coverage of this tragedy and his reaction to how the Netherlands handled the victims that it's had a strong impact on him--I finally had a chance to tape some of AC's reporting on CNN Newsroom and as with 360, it was very moving and respectful and pretty emotional on his part--he once said that he never wanted to pretend that he wasn't human or unmoved by the stories he covers. There are some who might find his raw emotion unprofessional and inappropriate, but I think it makes him warmer and more relateable and gives him the ability to empathize and show genuine compassion and concern to those who have suffered great loss.

Anonymous said...

Not sure of this fits in here, but since All Things CNN isn't active any longer, I thought I'd pass this on (I'm sure you ladies probably already saw this)

A “fixer” working with CNN in eastern Ukraine was abducted by Russian-backed Ukrainian separatists and remains in captivity despite two days of efforts to secure his release.

Anton Skiba was taken by separatists outside a hotel in Donetsk, the center of fighting between Kiev and the pro-Moscow rebels. CNN said it did not reveal Skiba’s capture while it attempted to secure his release from the separatists’ self-proclaimed Prime Minister Alexander Borodai, but is going public after those efforts were frustrated.

Anonymous said...

I sure would have love to have seen his coverage from the Newsroom. Didn't even think to tape it.

I too was crying with the opening of 360 last night. He did a great job