Thursday, July 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Anderson Cooper Reporting from Israel on August 1, 2006

Anderson spent over three weeks covering the "Crisis in the Middle East" in the summer of 2006.  While the current "crisis" is between Israel and Hamas in Gaza; this video reminds us of the civilians that are affected by escalating violence in the region.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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aries moon said...

I remember watching AC's reporting in Israel--it was riveting and tense--he was right in the midst of the bombings and was taking a lot of risks. When AC was in Iraq recently, he was doing mostly stand ups and not venturing out to report as much as he did in Israel--interesting because both were highly volatile circumstances.

Welp, AC360 does love bringing on Democrats who are Obama critics such as Rep. Cuellar (a true DINO). Why the press is so consumed by President Obama not going to the border and the attention on his comment about photo ops is obscuring the main issue of how the Republicans won't move on serious immigration reform. Anderson has been pretty hard on the president and Rick Perry (who deserves it) but when will he ever get to Boehner who claims that the president isn't taking responsibility for the crisis on the border. What about HIM taking responsibility for blocking immigration reform? I wish AC and other reporters would rake him over the coals for this, but they love to fault POTUS.

Anonymous said...

I was once again baffled by AC360's story selection last night. There was a lot on "border" coverage, a bit from Ben Wedeman on Gaza (in the past AC would have been anchoring from Gaza - Wolf is in Israel), and almost 30 minutes devoted to crime stories including the promotion of John Walsh's new CNN program. I guess AC360 is back to covering the old crime crap that most people don't care about. Maybe they ware going after Nancy Grace's audience since AC360's ratings are in the tanker.

@aries moon, I agree about AC360 being all about bashing POTUS instead of calling out Boehner and the Republican House who refuses to call the Senate Immigration Reform bill to a vote, or take any action other than that of obstructionism. The coverage of people mad at POTUS for not going to the border are the same ones who would have accused him of a photo op had he gone and this includes Anderson and AC360, unfortunately.

I miss Paul Begala on AC360. He guest hosted Crossfire last night (first time I watched the program) and had some good points about Perry bashing POTUS and calling for action from the WH to call up the National Guard, when Perry has the ability to call up the National Guard and hasn't done so. And they actually had a Dem on the program that supported POTUS instead of finding the one or two that don't that AC360 likes to have on once in awhile to make things appear differently than what they are.

There is a good article on The Wall Street Journal blog today about why the border crisis is the exact opposite of Katrina and yet, Anderson and AC360 gave that comment air time. Apparently Anderson was a little sensitive last night about criticism of his coverage about the border visit as he wrote a defensive tweet reply to a viewer. Would like to know if he believes in what he's covering or if he's following Zucker's orders and he knows that it's wrong, but is frustrated because he signed a contract and is bound to it. Yes, I know he didn't need to sign the contract, but the fact is he did and I'm guessing it was because he didn't get a better offer.

I would love to see AC360/Anderson do a KTH on Bohner and The Republican House on the amount of time and money they have wasted on committee hearings that proved nothing and TV appearances to spew talking points while advancing zero legislation that has benefited the country. That won't happen. The same way they didn't cover SCOTUS ruling on the voting rights act, the Hobby Lobby ruling being a joke given Hobby Lobby's investments in the companies making the birth control options they find against their religious beliefs to cover for their employees and Boehner's suing of POTUS that will cost taxpayer money and would actually extend health care to more Americans which shows they are all about cutting off their nose to spite their face - to name a few news topics that would be much more news worthy than old crime stories.

It's pretty much a sad state of affairs for CNN that their highest rated programs aren't news programs and had "non-news" Emmy nods yesterday. Perhaps if CNN hired talented producers and put the money they are spending on scripted series into their news gathering operations, they could once again be a true news network instead of channel in search of what it wants to be. The inconsistent programming and content is what drives viewers to other sources. The scripted series certainly aren't helping retain viewers for other CNN programs.


aries moon said...

@Jenn, excellent post. I wish I had've watched Crossfire after reading your comments on Paul Begala, but I can't stomach Newt. I'm sorry AC360 has seen fit to take Begala off their list of political contributors--sometimes he gets a little too jokey for me, but he will call out the GOP for the fraudulent obstructionists they are--360 could use a lot more of that. Totally agree with your points about 360's lack of coverage of voting rights/Hobby Lobby. How about dropping a couple of predictably biased Drew Griffin investigations and cover some other stories that will have a significant impact on millions of people--decisions by SCOTUS fall into that category as does the unprecedented obstruction of POTUS by the GOP--it should be clear to most thinking people that the GOP is deliberately blocking legislation that would get the US economy on track simply to spite POTUS but you won't hear that on 360 for whatever reason.