Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What's on Your Mind? 7/29/14

It's been a while since we opened up comments to whatever CNN/AC360/Anderson things that are on your mind.  Here are just a few things that have come into our inbox lately, odd what people think about, it's it?
Any idea whatever happened to Lisa Bloom, Gloria Allred's daughter?  She used to be on 360 all the time and was much preferable to this fan than some of the other talking heads 360 books.  

Certainly not important in today's mess of a world, but does anyone know why Anderson is shaving his head nearly bald???? Lately his hair is cut so short you can see much of his scalp on top and that little bit in front has gotten shorter too. Yikes!!!! More hair, less scalp.

Does anyone know why Anderson is never a guest on The View or The Today Show or even Wendy Williams?  All are in live from NYC but he seems to just do Live with Kelly and 'what's his name' or the CBS Morning Show.  I'm sure the later is because of his friendship with Charlie Rose but he's also buddies with Erica Hill who hosts the weekend edition of Today.  So does anyone have an opinion?  

And one more from this blogger: Are you aware that Rupert Murdoch is on a mission to buy Time Warner?  If that happens rumor has it that CNN will be sold off.  CBS is said to be the top contender for the buy.  That would work out well for Anderson and Dr. Gupta since they both contribute at 60 Minutes but what would it mean for Jeff Zucker and some of the others?

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aries moon said...

Lisa Bloom sometimes shows up on Al Sharpton's program on MSNBC,--she was a good contributor when she was on CNN, she could be a genuine truth-teller when she wanted to be and it was refreshing.

Anderson does seem to be keeping his hair very short these days--could he be the rare guy who doesn't mind if his bald spots are showing a bit? He's still looking good nevertheless.

Anderson's been on Wendy Williams' show at least once and he's gone on The View a couple of times too but I've never seen him on the Today Show--maybe there's some kind of rule against that at CNN?

Rupert Murdoch having a stranglehold on so much of the media is a terrible thing. I don't always agree with Jon Stewart, but I really do wish he could buy up CNN--it would be a MUCH smarter news network.

I've been enjoying the 2 hour 360's--they are quite capable of putting together a quality program when they want to.

Anonymous said...

Great, I love those What's On Your Mind segments!

Yes, I also read somewhere that Murdoch is determined to buy Time Warner, but that the plan would be to sell CNN to CBS if the deal goes through. I think that would be a good thing for CNN (rather than becoming part of Murdoch's media empire), and a particularly good thing for AC since he already has a relationship with CBS through 60 Minutes. Let's wait and see what happens.

I did like Lisa Bloom, I wonder what has happened to her too. Is she on HLN?

Anderson has been indeed getting his hair cut rather short lately, but I don't really mind seeing a bit of his scalp. That's what happens when guys buzz their hair.

I thought AC had already been on The View a while ago, did I get this wrong? In any case, I don't know why he hasn't done some of the other shows taped in NYC that were mentioned. Wendy Williams seems a bit low rent for him though.

Speaking of NYC shows that AC does go to, did anyone notice that when he recently was on Andy Cohen's WWHL with Kelly Ripa, Andy said that both their partners were also in the room? This was during the part of the show when a caller asked Kelly and Anderson if they would date if Kelly wasn't married to Mark and if AC wasn't gay: Andy Cohen said that they both looked at their partners (presumably sitting off camera) before answering the question. I thought that was cute.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else surprised that Anderson hasn't gone to Ukraine for the plane crash or to Israel to cover the war? It really has surprised me.

Was really surprised about Anderson's secret on Andy Cohen. Kind of surprised me that came out of his mouth. Guess I am a prude LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I'm not a fan of Anderson's buzz cut. I think it makes his face look fat!! It used to be that when he got his hair buzzed it meant he was heading out on assignment, but that doesn't seem to be the case this summer. I thought he would show up on the border, Ukraine or Gaza. Anderson did a good job covering the Day Of Mourning last week, but he shines when he's in the field or at least he used to. It seems like the last couple of times he's traveled, he's basically stayed put and not ventured out much to gather first hand reports like the old Anderson. While the studio shows have been better the last two weeks, I still think the staff is a little lazy sometimes, repeating segments in the second hour when there's so much news they could be covering.

I am loving the CNNi simulcasting overnight. I wish CNN would become more like CNNi - with straight up reporting and few if any panels and pundits.

At 3ET the rest of the week Hala Gorani's The World Right Now is being simulcast with CNN. It's a great program and would be a wonderful addition to CNN's regular line up.

One can only hope that CNN will be sold to CBS and become part of the CBS news division. I can't imagine Fenger keeping Zucker and the "scripted" programming.

aries moon said...

I'm wondering if Anderson will end up reporting from Gaza at some point--the in studio reporting has been excellent with a wide variety of guests and a clear look at both sides of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, IMO, but AC/Wolf/CNN have still been taking some heat and criticism of their coverage on Twitter but that's to be expected I suppose.

@anon 9:51 am, yes, they both looked at their partners but AC also joked that he was looking at Kelly's partner when the caller asked the question.

@6:35 pm, I was sort of surprised too but I've watched AC long enough to know that there's this other side to him that isn't exactly G-rated!

Anonymous said...

I don't mind Anderson's buzz cut, and I'm surprised it's such a big deal for some around here. It's such a minor thing, why can't the poor guy be allowed to do what he wants with his hair anyway?