Monday, August 04, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Live from Ashkelon, Israel on Monday, August 4, 2014

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the Israel-Gaza border.  Below are a few of the reports/interviews on the conflict between Israel and Hamas.  Ebola and flooding in California were also covered.

Opening ~

Anderson speaks with Martin Savidge in Gaza, Sara Sidner with him on the border and then interviewed Mark Regav - spokesman for Netanyahu...

Anderson reports and discusses with David Gergen and Aaron D. Miller....


2nd hour opening and Anderson checks in with Martin Savidge in Gaza....


Anderson's interview with Maen Areikat....


A report by Randi Kaye on Hamas.....


Anderson talks to UNRWA's Chris Gunness....


And the last two segments were on the MH17 search site and remembering James Brady who passed away today...


A couple "behind the scenes" photos.  AC360 posted this one to Twitter....

.... and an AC360 producer posted the following one to Instagram.

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

It's not easy getting to Israel right now but I'm glad Anderson and his crew have jumped through all the hopes, dotted every i and crossed every t and have made it. Field reporting is Anderson's strongest card and it's great seeing him where all the action is.

Anderson reported from Ashkalan Israel near the Gaza border. He started with an overview report of everything that's been going on lately including the new ceasefire. Martin Savidge was in Gaza City and Sara Sidner was with Anderson to talk about further details in the Isarel/Hamas war.
Anderson had a good interview with Mark Regev from the Israeli government. It was mostly the usual topics: the ceasefire, the failure of past ceasefires, the tunnels and the hope things will work out this time.
My only problem here was the LIVE label on the video clip showing missiles and rockets and on the report Anderson filed. Somebody besides me (someone in the production booth) has to pay better attention to this.

Ebola got two segments. Jason Carroll reported on the newly suspected ebola case in NYC and Sanjay Gupta was on hand to answer questions.
In the next segment Anderson talked to David McKenzie who had previously reported from ebola-infected areas.

This was when I got on the computer, foolishly thinking I could pay adequate attention to both.
This is where I thank ATA for posting the video of Anderson with Aaron David Miller and David Gergen about U.S./Israel relations. I watched it here. Gergen surprised me by being more fair towards Obama than I've seen in the past. He was critical at several points but they were valid points. Miller also had many of the same concerns.

As stated, I wasn't paying as close attention as I should have to the last half of 360. Anderson mentioned the California mudslides at the end of the Gergen/Miller segment but I also hope there was mention somewhere of the House committee report that came out today on Benghazi. The committee said the Obama administration did nothing wrong concerning Benghazi. That has to be given some coverage.

Anonymous said...

Happy to see Anderson in the field. I agree with Janza about the content of the program many nights, but lately haven't minded AC360 concentrating on the big stories. I get my other/political news from other networks/outlets in different time slots.

I wish AC would fact check David Gergen, just once. Apparently Gergen has selective memory when it comes to US/Israeli relations. There were a lot of tense times during the Ragean and Bush years as well. While I in no way support Hamas, I'm so over Isreal's superior attitude and would like to see the US cut funding off to take them down a peg or two.

I'm looking forward to Anderson's reporting from the region this week.

-- Jenn

aries moon said...

The US condemning Israel for the bombings in Gaza while at the same time supplying them with more equipment/money to continue it just seems senseless and the criticism of Kerry and disrespect of President Obama doesn't help. I'm with Jenn, certainly not backing Hamas, but Israel could probably stand on its own defending itself from Hamas without having so much US involvement.

Great to see Anderson in Israel, I figured it had to happen sometime...

Mody Stovall said...
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doglover said...

8/5/14 due to phone problems wasnt aware that Anderson was in Isreal but felt that at some point he would be there giving us his reports He always has good interviews was surprised that Martin Savauge was there but he alwats has a good crew. Since field work is his real shining point I look forward to what he is sending back..The discussions with his guests bring good questions as he is not afraid to ask ghe tpugh ones. The discussions re Ebola have been interesting &ashe said he hasbeen very interested in this. Here in BCthere have been couple of news items have been trying to follow so a lot ofswitching back &forth but AC being afavorite try to get as muchas possible ofhis programs. I enjoy everyones comments.