Friday, August 08, 2014

Anderson Cooper & Carl Bernstein + Remembering A 'Fallen Soldier'

AC360 was expanded to two hours tonight with all the breaking news out of the Middle East and the Ebola virus....

Anderson Cooper & Carl Bernstein talk Nixon and more.....


And Anderson spoke with the son of Major General Harold Green who was killed in Afghanistan earlier this week....


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aries moon said...

This post features the two segments on 360 that I thought were standouts--Carl Bernstein's insight on the current crisis in Iraq and Major General Greene's son's remembrance of his father's life. Anderson also made sort of a statement of appreciation to viewers for turning to 360 in this eventful week.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anderson's segment on general Greene was outstanding. Segments like this are what makes Anderson stand out.

Anonymous said...

Carl Bernstein seems to be making a comeback. Could it be because two new books on Watergate appeared in the book review of the New York Times?
It will be forty years since Nixon's resignation and Bernstein's other half, Woodward, has not made an appearance in quite sometime.
His last book was a major disappointment.
Bernstein's views are not in the least conservative and often refreshing. Woodward's commentaries were tedious and most recently, dead wrong.