Monday, August 25, 2014

Anderson Cooper Guest Co-Host on Live With Kelly & Michael on Monday, August 25, 2014

Anderson Cooper guest co-hosted Live With Kelly & Michael today.   (Live opted to tape several episodes in advance vs going to re-runs in August, so this program while new to viewers was taped in July.)

Host Chat:

Summer Sizzle Travel Trivia:

Guest - Anna Paquin:

Kelly & Anderson learn to make Mozzarella with Tony Baloney (Mike Hauke):

In-Box & End:


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aries moon said...

Thanks to ATA for posting today's show--I had no idea AC would be on so I wasn't able to tape it.

Jaanza said...

This won't be a good post about Monday's 360. During the first segment covering Michael Brown's funeral, I was distracted by a conversation with DH about computer viruses. But I did see that there was a report from a reporter in Ferguson and then a Q&A with Brown family lawyer Benjamin Crump and another man.

When I could pay better attention at the start of the second segment, there was Don Lemon's interview with Michael Brown's mom, Trayvon Martin's mom and Sean Bell's mom. I knew it was a powerful and poignant interview because I had already seen it on the Situation Room. Although the LIVE icon was on screen the entire time, I've learned it can never be believed.
The panel with Sunny Hostin and Charles Blow was pretty good; they covered a lot: the Brown case, the loss to his family, the police and the possibility for change in the future.

Just when I was feeling that was enough on the Brown story, there was more. The third segment was "Justice for Michael Brown", a topic that could have been blended into the first two segments and especially the talk with lawyer Crump. But here was a report by Deborah Feyerick (taped not LIVE, somebody in the control room should fix that). Feyerick talked about the law, the use of deadly force, the grand jury investigation and prosecutor McCullough. A panel with Hostin and Mark O'Mara followed but I chose instead to watch Hayes' cover the latest in Ukraine.

The segment on ISIS and Iraq included Jim Sciutto and Christopher Dickey delivering the latest news. This was a good segmetn which covered a lot of material.

Gary Tuchman reported on the northern California earthquakes with a taped piece (not LIVE despite the label) and answered a few questions from Anderson (which might have been LIVE).

At :59 past the hour, Anderson was back and at firat I thought he was re-capping the Brown story before ending 360. Nope, instead he was starting the second hour. I rarely watch 360's second hours because I believe they will mostly repeated stuff from the earlier hour and because there's other shows on TV.

While I have great sympathy for the Brown family, this story - unless the grand jury comes out with a decision - should be limited to two segments at the most on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the clips of AC on Kelly's show. It was sweet when he talked about Ben's nephews and nieces during the Host Chat. Anderson sounds close to Ben's family.