Monday, August 11, 2014

It Helps To Laugh.....

In the wake of the sad news of Robin Williams' death and Wolf Blitzer in the AC360 anchor chair, we thought it an appropriate time to post a November 2006 AC360 Special from when Anderson was in Vegas to interview the hosts of Comedy Relief; Robin Williams, Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg. (Comedy Relief stars in 2006 were Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, George Lopez, Sarah Silverman and Wayne Brady hosted the show's satellite location in New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina victims benefited from the fund raiser, which was broadcast live from Caesars Palace on that Saturday night.) Anderson's interview aired on Friday, November 17th as an AC360 Special.  

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

Thanks, ATA, for the clips of Anderson at Comic Relief interviewing Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal. Perfect for today and I know if Anderson was anchoring 360 he would have shown several of these clips himself.

I liked Robin Williams much more in his later, post-'Mork and Mindy' roles; he portrayed a wide variety of characters and terrific in all of them. From many posts I've read around the web, Williams was a good guy in real life too.

When I saw Blitzer at the start of 360 instead of Anderson, I had two thoughts:
1. Well, Anderson deserves a vacation, a break to get away from everything once in while. I just hope he's not sick.
2. It's a darn shame Anderson's not at 360 on a day when there's so much happening all over the place, a very busy news day.

Some of that other news was: the Mount Sinjar rescue in Iraq, the other humanitarian work in Iraq, the airstrikes in Iraq and the new Prime Minister in Iraq. And that's just Iraq. Elsewhere there's the Michael Brown death-by-police and subsequent rioting in Missouri, NASCAR's Tony Stweart and Martin Savidge being way too close to the action in Gaza.

Both Blitzer and Hayes covered Wiliams' death in their first segments. Then Hayes had the Michael Brown death, Iraq, an analysis of Obama's MidEast policy and a study of recent Hillary Clinton comments. Blitzer covered Williams for the entire hour.

I'm very sorry Williams is gone and have the greatest sympathy for his family. However, 360 should have included some of the other big news of the day.

aries moon said...

So sad to hear about Robin Williams' death--I'd heard that he'd spent some time in rehab, but I had no idea that he was in such deep despair--it's a sad reality that the people who make us laugh the most sometimes are suffering a great deal when they're not performing. Williams was hugely talented and one of a kind and he always seemed like such a nice man--I remember watching the video ATA posted with AC hosting those great comics--Williams was always a standout. It's particularly heartbreaking that he committed suicide--AC probably would've had an interesting discussion about that had he been around to anchor.

Anonymous said...

Robin Williams always struck me as a very 'sad' comic.
He was always interrupting everyone else just to get in his laugh line first.
Having said this, he was very talented in "Good Will Hunting," and seemed to have a good sense for the dramatic.
It is a shame Hollywood didn't recognize this as Williams grew older.
It seems when, comics especially, are out of the spotlight, and they crave attention, as Williams seemed to, they don't know how to live their lives when the lights dim.
In all the commentaries everyone is interested in the gory details, but no one is searching for the reason, 'why.'