Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Anderson Cooper Anchors Newsroom 2-4PM ET on Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Anderson Cooper anchored CNN's continuing coverage of "Airstrikes in Syria" on Newsroom from 2 - 4pm ET today.  One segment included a discussion with Juliette Kayyam and Nic Robertson.  Was good to see Nic on with Anderson.

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Anonymous said...

It is not surprising that 60 Minutes had its best debut in 17 years with anchors Scott Pelley and Steve Kroft, according to TVNewser.
While the show did get a lift from the Denver Bronco game that ran overtime, viewers are hungry for investigative journalism...to
go and get the story, not have the story come to them via the internet.
And might I also point out that both Kroft and Pelley make it a point not to interview celebs.
It is not unfair to say that 60 Minutes would survive just fine without Anderson Cooper as a contributor. He may be considered a first rate journo by some, but he certainly doesn't go out of his way to "uncover a new story."
He has commercialized himself so, by appearing on every morning talk
show, that it is hard to look at him, and take him seriously for more than five minutes for "already breaking news," and not by him.

Jaanza said...

Regarding '60 Minutes' - just off the top of my head I remember Anderson doing reports on the homeless, sharks off the coast of South Africa, the coral reefs of the Caribbean, apes in Rwanda (I think it was Rwanda), surfing with a GoPro guy (not one of my favorites) and PlumpyNut (my all-time favorite).

Anderson does go out there to get the story.
Steve Kroft does celebrity interviews; I'll have to do a lilttle research and get a few names here for you.

Come on! You gotta remember PlumpyNut!

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza: I always read your comments and I always reply in the same way: you are totally objective, even when we disagree.
Yes, I do remember Plumpy Nut, but did that story really make a difference? And yes, there were the many shark stories, but nothing to "bring down the house!"
Or as Woodstein would put it, "bring down a sitting President."
Still, except for telling off a public official, during Katrina, which literally put Anderson on the map as a go to journo, he has been well, a disappoinment in that regard....you have to admit.