Thursday, September 25, 2014

Anderson Cooper Anchors Newsroom 2-4PM ET on Thursday, September 25, 2014

Anderson Cooper anchored CNN Newsroom from 2-4PM ET again today.  At the end of the second hour Lisa Ling sat down with Anderson to talk about her new program on CNN premiering Sunday.  We found the chat between Anderson and Lisa enjoyable.

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Jaanza said...

Anderson's doing afternoons now? Is he just filing in for someone or is this a long-term Zucker idea? Maybe it's short-term just while the ISIS war is a big deal.

This is my comment on 360's 8 pm hour. ISIS is certainly still a big deal at 8, just like yesterday nearly the entire hour was ISIS or ISIS-related news. It started with news about the possible terror threat to NYC/other western city subways. Pamela Brown had more info on this and the latest on airstrikes. Then Anderson spoke with Brett McGurk for an analysis of terror threats and questioning Al-Maliki actions.

The second segment was mostly about the Iraqi army and how badly things are going for them. Anderson talked to Ben Wedeman, Lt. Col. Rick Francona and another guy who's name I didn't catch.

Next was a segment entitled "Look Inside ISIS". A woman was able to take a video of her town under ISIS control. Bobby Ghosh and Kimberly Dozier analyzed the footage. I didn't stick around; Hayes was covering the NFL and new info (statement from police dept guy stating he sent the Rice elevator tape to NFL security chief back in April).
I'd also like to point out Hayes' first segment was on the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder, which somehow was never mentioned on 360. For the record, only Hayes' second segment was on the ISIS war.

Back on 360 another segment on the ISIS war started, this one focusing on U.S. allies, specifically Saudi Arabia. The panel was David Kirkpatrick and Adam Endus. I watched long enough to get the names of the panelists. Hayes at this time was reporting on the police shooting of an unarmed man at a South Carolina gas station.

Just like yesterday, a few minutes was given to the disappearance of Hannah Graham. Unlike yesterday, today had a Bulletin. The Holder resignation didn't even get a blip in the Bulletin.

Certain viewers may love all the time spent on ISIS but for me it's too much. The absence of any news on Holder was surprising and disappointing.

I will not be able to comment on tomorrow's 360 or any Friday 360 for 12 weeks. CBS has moved 'The Amazing Race' to 8 pm Fridays. I love that show and Phil is almost as adorable as Anderson.

aries moon said...

I missed the first half hour of 8pm's 360 and I didn't see any mention of Attorney General Eric Holder's resignation in the remainder of the show. During the 9 pm hour, his resignation made the bulletin, but that is a joke. I realize that AC360 and seemingly Anderson himself are not admirers of the Obama Administration, but to relegate Holder's resignation to a quick bulletin mention and no examination of the significance of his appointment and the impact that its had on this country is simply absurd. Rachel Maddow recognized the importance of Attorney General Holder's work and accomplishments and did two comprehensive segments on him that covered his achievements and tireless efforts in making sure that civil rights violations would be confronted and rectified. Holder and the President have been especially strong when it comes to strengthening LGBT rights and protections, but it has always seemed that AC's disdain for both POTUS and Holder kept him from ever acknowledging some of the decisions they made in that area. I had the feeling that by tossing Holder's resignation into the bulletin, AC360 was basically trying to diminish Holder and the importance of the work he's done over the years--none of it means anything to AC and 360. But let John McCain retire (if only!) and I can imagine the type of glowing, non-stop coverage he'd get on 360. Rachel Maddow also made an important point about the phony GOP created 'scandals' that dogged Holder over the years and that AC360 was always eager to report--Holder was never found to have done anything improper--even with the Fast and Furious scandal--Maddow said the Bush Administration were the culprits in that operation and Holder was trying to STOP it.

AC360/Anderson's biases are never more transparent then when they are dealing with anything having to do with the Obama Administration.

Anonymous said...

Now Jaanza. Lets make sure you play fair. No Anderson means no switching to Hayes on Friday nights either. Have a great weekend everyone!

Anonymous said...

By not mentioning Eric Holder's resignation, AC360 minimalizes his importance, as though he never existed.
Jaanza: This does not make "Anderson adorable." It makes him, obnoxious.