Monday, September 08, 2014

Anderson Cooper Back In The NYC Studio ....

Anderson Cooper was back in the NYC studio for an expanded hour of AC360.  On his way from LA to NYC he apparently made a stop in NOLA/and the Meridian to visit the Cooper Family cemetery on Saturday.  Is that a microphone on Anderson's shirt in the following photo posted to Twitter?

And this photo was posted to Instagram today.  (Mr. Detarsio is a cameraman and has done shoots for 60 Minutes.)

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Jaanza said...

I was surprised the lead story was Ray Rice's cut from the Baltimore Ravens and suspension by the NFL. I didn't see the network news shows but both Hayes and Maddow also had Rice as their lead stories. Maybe it's a slow news day or the Rice suspension is bigger news than I thought.
360 started with an overview with Anderson and report (by ?, maybe Rachel Nichols?), The report was very good; the only thing I would change would be to change NFL Commissioner Goodell's name bigger and brighter when his commnt appeared on the screen (as it was, it was barely noticeable).
The panel - Rachel Nichols, Jeffrey Toobin, Sunny Hostin and a bald guy (did anyone get his name?) - had a great discussion on the suspension, the elevator hit, the possibility of a criminal arrest, what the NFL should have done and what the NFL should do in the future concerning player domestic abuse.
Although this was a totally sufficient amount of time to spend on the Rice story, I wouldn't have minded if there was another report covering how heavily the NFL has been marketing to women in the past few years. The NFL has got a saturation of the men's market; to grow their audience they've been trying to get more female fans. It will be interesting to see how the Rice debacle plays out with new female fans.

The second segment on racist comments by NBA team Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson wasn't as interesting. I just don't get into baseketball and it seemed like a repeat of L.A. Clippers' former owner Sterling. Nevertheless, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was probably the best person to interview here. Charles Blow and Toobin added their perspectives but it would have been okay if this segment ended with the Adbul-Jabbar interview.

Sotloff's and Foley's ISIS murderer was possibly identified. Pamela Brown made it sound like there was still room for some doubt. Brown's reporting of this story was alright, after she reported the story, Anderson talked to Barfi (I never got the guy's full name). Barfi was soft-spoken and I started tuning him out but one thing he said got my attention. He said, "...the administration could have done more..." to get hostages out of Iraq and Syria. Anderson didn't challenge Barfi on that. Personally, I flashed back to 1980 and President Carter's failed attempt to rescue U.S. hostages in Iran. It was a complete disaster and I don't think ISIS would make it any easier.

Sanjay Gupta's talk on the virus infecting children in the central U.S. was adequate... and a little boring.

The 8 pm hour ended with a Bulletin. I wasn't able to watch the second hour.

Thanks, ATA, for the info on Anderson's weekend. And yes, that does look like a microphone.

If I may comment on a post from last Thursday: I love Anderson. He's my favorite news guy, outdistancing all the rest by several galaxies. Anderson is the best. It's just that 360 isn't at its best sometimes.

aries moon said...

Wasn't all that interested in the Rice story but it is awful that he's only being punished now that there's video. It was difficult for me to understand where Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was coming from with his defense of Levenson, he has a right to his opinion, but he seemed a bit out of touch and I'm glad Charles Blow was on to express a different and (to me) more realistic view.

The interview with Barak Barfi just seemed to be another one of 360's regularly scheduled anti-Obama Administration segments--if there's more to his accusations and they're legit, we'll hear more about it from other sources as well but I wasn't sure what to make of Barfi and I'm not clear on his background or if there's some kind of an agenda being pushed.

Anonymous said...

If Janay Rice wants to believe that the media is her problem, than she is sillier, and has less self asteem, than we already think....after marrying someone who beat her BEFORE, marriage.
Ah yes. She'll be the one to change him. Sure thing.
Just maybe a little less change in Rice's pocket might change him, but not someone who is obviously addicted to her abuser.
360 lead with this story once again.