Monday, September 15, 2014

Anderson Cooper & Wendy Williams: A Look Back

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair for a 2 hour expanded edition of AC360.   In anticipation of Anderson's guest appearance on The Wendy Williams Show tomorrow, we went to the ATA vault for Anderson's previous appearance on Wendy's show from September 20, 2012:

There was more after the break ~

And Wendy had a surprise gift for him!

AND when Wendy was a guest on Anderson Live on May 9, 2013:

And the Wendy Williams segments, because who doesn't enjoy a little Wendy with Anderson and a game thrown into the mix ~

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Jaanza said...

I can't watch videos on this computer but will try to watch the Wendy Williams clips tomorrow.

Monday's 360 was on for the first hour but sometimes I couldn't pay close attention, other stuff going on. Anderson started the show with Jim Sciutto and a minute or two on ISIS and the Brit who was beheaded over the weekend. That would have been a worthy topic for the entire first segment but Anderson shifted to Vikings' Adrian Peterson and the child abuse charges against him. Ed Lavenera filed a report and then Jeffrey Toobin Areva Martin and Charles Blow discussed.

The second segment focused on Ray Rice. Anderson talked to Miguel Marquez on the latest and the possibility that Rice will appeal his suspension from the NFL. Toobin was back with Sunny Hostin to cover the appeal and if it would be successful. They both brought up good points and, if it will be proven the NFL saw the 'punch in the elevator' video before it gave the 2-game suspension, then the indefinate suspension will be seen as simply bowing to public pressure. Toobin also pointed out that the NFL is not consistent when punishing players for domestic violence.
As I said before, sometimes I couldn't pay close attention. But I did not hear, here and during the first segment, any mention of A.J. Jefferson.
Jefferson was a Vikings player who was cut from the team last November, on the same day he was arrested for domestic violence.

Next came the ISIS segment. More details from Sciutto and a panel with Peter Beinart and Lt.Gen. Mark Herting. Although I noticed a clip from the FOX network, I couldn't listen closely to what was said in the clip or what Beinart and Herting said about it.

The biggest waste of time in the show was the repeat broadcast of a Gary Tuchman report from a year or two ago. It was his interview with a couple named Pearl who, using religious reasoning, strongly advocated the use of corporal punishment for children. I can see how this can on a thin tangent relate to Adrian Peterson but it was mostly useless. The time could have been better spent on another news story. Scottish secession, anyone?
(And the old Tuchman report was labelled LIVE.)

360 ended with a Bulletin.

The NFL, Rice and Peterson are the topic du jour for many news programs lately (including Hayes). And probably will be tomorrow too unless something big happens. On Thursday I hope Anderson says at least a little something on Scotland.

aries moon said...

The best part of last night's 360 was Anderson having someone fact-check John McCain on ISIS. Couldn't believe it really happened. McCain turned out to be wrong of course.