Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Anderson Cooper's Guest Appearance on The Wendy William's Show, September 16, 2014

Anderson Cooper was a guest on The Wendy William's Show today.  Talk started out with Anderson's recent reporting and interviews, then turned to the topic of tattoos and Wendy's Art Department had some suggestions for Mr. Cooper....

...and the "tramp stamp" brought out the Ander-giggles!

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

If Anderson is still so eager to
guest on morning talk shows, he should be asking himself, why is
Wendy Williams still here, and I'm not?
His friend Kelly was already established by Regis, but Wendy hasn't always had it easy.
He should be doing more self reflection, but if he had to do it again, something tells me, the outcome would be exactly the same.

Jaanza said...

Tuesday's 360 was pretty good. There was a variety of stories and they were all presented very well. My only concern is with the order they were broadcast. I would have put the ISIS report or the ebola report as the first story.

The first story (although I was three minutes late) was a report on the death of Joan Rivers. The new info is that another doctor did an unauthorized biopsy on Rivers' vocal cords and this led directly to her death (vocal cords swelled, loss of oxygen, cardiac arrest). And that doctor took a selfie with the unconscious Rivers. Susan Candiotti had the report and Arthur Caplan and Jeffrey Toobin were the panel. It was a terrific discussion on what happened, consent forms, the selfie, the celebrity factor and malpractice or a civil lawsuit. It was a smart discussion and very interesting.

Not so interesting was the second story on the hunt for a guy who killed a Penssylvania state trooper. An important story but I couldn't get into it.

There's a new allegation of child abuse against Adrian Peterson, this time a different son. An Ed Lavendera report covered all the facts and Anderson pointed out the different punishments the Vikings have given other players for domestic violence (inluding A.J. Jefferson whom I mentioned yesterday). The panel for this topic was Rachel Nichols, Sunny Hostin and a new guy with the last name Cossack (never caught his first name). I liked seeing a new face on 360 and liked what Cossack had to say. Hope he comes back.

Obama's speech on fighting ebola was finally coveed in the second half (of the first hour). Anderson provided an overview and Sanjay Gupta followed up with more details.

Is the "Fight Against ISIS" story gettin old? Getting redundant? 360 didn't get to it until late in the show. The focus was the possibility of ground troops and Anderson had a good Q&A with Barbara Starr.
Half of the segment was devoted to Anderson's interview with Paul Chickenhawk, author of a book on Al Queda double agents.

A Bulletin ended the show. Oddly, still nothing on 360, not even a blip in the Bulletin, on Scottish secession.

@Aries Moon re: your post in yesterday's ATA - the fact-checking report on McCain must have been in the second hour on Monday. I did not see it earlier and it's not posted on the 360 website. But it sounds awesome, wish I could've seen it.

aries moon said...

@Jaanza, regarding AC/McCain, it wasn't exactly an official 360 fact check, Anderson just basically asked Gen. Mark Hertling whether McCain was being honest about the number of fighters that have already been vetted to join the US in the fight against ISIS--for some reason it's not even in the transcript, but AC did directly ask Hertling about this and since it was a form of him questioning something McCain said as fact, it got my attention because Anderson rarely, if ever, challenges anything McCain says.

Thanks for posting the Wendy Williams clips--I still haven't been able to watch them yet but it's great to know ATA always has it covered.

Anonymous said...

The MD who took a selfie with Joan Rivers while she was under, should be fired just for that egotistical, unprofessional act, alone.
It reminds me of the surgeon a while back, who actually carved his initials on a women's stomach.
Same area of NYC too. Disgusting and disgraceful acts toward women.
And this particular woman was not a celebrity!
The NYPost is reporting that Joan Rivers was feeling ill towards the end of August and was heard coughing on an audio tape. Her voice was always raspy was she had been a former smoker.
I missed the discussion on Ms Rivers on 360. Would like to hear it if possible. (ATA Team)
All these facts would come up if there was litigation.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why I assumed that the MD who took a selfie with Joan Rivers, from my post yesterday, was a man. It was a sexist remark and I apologize for it.
According to today's NYPost, it was, a WOMAN....! She took it when poor Joan was in an unconscious state. She is an attending doctor at Lenox Hill who has done surgery on "the stars," and did not have a license to practice at this particular center.
But no matter the gender, she should be fired for the unprofessional selfish "selfie."