Tuesday, September 09, 2014

From The ATA Archives: Anderson & Gloria Talk About Their Camaro

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded 2 hours AC360.  We reached way back in our vault for this gem from August 27, 2002.  Anderson's Segment 7 on Newsnight was about the end of the run for the Chevy Camaro and his guest was his mom and they talked about their Camaro.   Enjoy!

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

Thanks, ATA, for the classic 'NewsNight" video of Anderson, mom Gloria and Camaros. Many years ago
my DH had a Camaro. He bought it used and had it for two years. Those two years were exceptionally snowy even for Minnesota. DH gave up on it because as Gloria said '...they are low to the ground...' Sometimes in Minnesota you need a Humvee.

Tuesday's 360 was okay. Lots of time for Ray Rice, the NFL and domestic abuse. I was a couple of minutres late, coming in when Anderson was talking about NFL Commissioner Goodell; what did he know and when did he know it? There was a good report and then a panel. The discussion with Jeffrey Toobin, Sunny Hostin, Rachel Nichols and NFLer Derrick Mason covered a lot of different points. My favorite line was from Anderson, in regards to Goodell not suspending Rice until the second video was seen, '...Goodell said he didn't know what was on the elevator video but wasn't it obvious if Rice is dragging a knocked-out woman out of the elevator?'

Instead of Randi Kaye's report on other NFL players and domestic violence and the league's responses, I would have cut this way short. All the NFL is worried about right now is money. How is the Rice punch going to affect how much money the NFL makes? So a report on that, on fan reaction would have been appreciated.
I liked Anderson's interview of NFLer Louis Riddick and Riddick, in regards to NFL punishment after domestic abuse, saying '..if you do it once, you're out.'

The next segment started with a "Who Is Janay Rice?" report by Gary Tuchman. I missed part of this and the start of Anderson's Q&A with Carol Costello because I had to be in the kitchen. I hope it's ispiring to women living with domestic abuse to hear Costello's story. If a smart beautiful CNN reporter can be subjected to domestic abuse by her seemingly-nice boyfriend but get out of that relationship and do well, maybe that will help others. And kudos to 360 for displaying a few of the #whyIstayed and #whyIleft tweets.

Jim Sciutto filed a report on Obama, ISIS and Sotloff's death. Then Fran Townsend and Ivan Watson gave more information on the rebel groups in Iraq and Syria and how difficult working with any of them might be. Compared to Barfi yesterday, the segment today made it clear what a complicated chaotic mess it is over there.

The show included a Bulletin. I had the time to watch the second hour but it started almost exactly like the first hour so I didn't see the point of staying. To anyone who watched the second hour: was there anything new?

aries moon said...

Leslie Morgan Steiner and Carol Costello both had compelling personal stories of their experiences with abusive partners--Morgan-Steiner was especially interesting--she fell into the same sort of traps that many abusive women do in spite of being a smart and strong individual.

Fran Townsend is no admirer of the Obama Administration but I'll give her credit for explaining to Anderson that there's a lot of unknowns in the Sotloff/ISIS case and that it's important to reserve judgment and not second guess the administration's efforts in dealing with ISIS--Townsend displayed the kind of restraint and thoughtfulness that is sometimes lacking on AC360 when it comes to the Obama Administration so NATURALLY they had to follow up the ISIS discussion with a KTH which featured an interview with a writer who's highly critical of President Obama's handling of ISIS/Iraq--typical 360 tactics.