Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The "RidicuList" Is Back!

Anderson Cooper was in the anchor chair for a 2 hour edition of AC 360 that included a RidicuList at the end of the second hour ~

News Bats!:

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

For the first segment of Wednesday's 360 I watched mostly Hayes. I didn't understand why Anderson started with a charity scam story when there was new news on ISIS (Congressional hearing with Kerry), Michael Brown's death (grand jury investigation hearing Officer Wilson) and a country possibly just about to fall apart (Great Britain).

Apparently there was another Congressional hearing about the VA hospitals being terrible and that was excuse enough to tangent the charity scam angle and Drew Griffin. This time centering ona charity which claims to help hospitalized veterans. Drew Griffin's report was a repeat (surprisingly the LIVE icon was off). I didn't stay. Hayes was covering ISIS and the House passing a bill to help the Syrian rebels.

Another NFL player, Dwyer of the Arizona Cardinals, has been charged with domestic assault. Also, in a literally middle of the night epiphany, the Vikings have "exempted" Adrian Peterson until his legal issues have been resolved. Rachel Nichols and Jeffrey Toobin had a good talk about this. I liked Toobin's comments on the NFL taking "the panic approach" and "how dumb these players are when it comes to female relations."

For the ISIS/possibility of ground troops/different statements from Obama, Kerry and Gen. Dempsey segment, Anderson questioned Josh Earnest. Earnest is the Obama administration press secretary and I was glad to see him on 360. A lot of Anderson's questions, however, were very rightwing-oriented. He asked about the ineptness of the Iraqi army, its generals and the Iraqi government. It came across as being very pro-war and 'why aren't we sending a million U.S. troops right now?' Nothing about being cautious and the possiblity of escalation into other quagmire.

There was another report on the hunt for the killer of the PA state trooper with another Q&A with Tom Fuentes. I wanted to switch to Hayes but he was in a commercial break.

The first hour ended with a Susan Candiotti report on the Yorkville Endoscopy clinic where Joan Rivers had her last and soon to be fatal procedure. It was a perfectly adequate segment but it also felt like filler.

Thanks, ATA, for the Ridiculist video. The topic - News Bats - was okay but brought back a horrible childhood memory. A memory that brings together the two animals shown in the Ridiculist. My family had a cat. My mom called him Jasper, the rest of us called him Moosekitty. He was a big grey/black tabby who sort of lumbered along when he walked, hence the name Moosekitty.
Moosekitty was a great hunter. Birds, mice, bunnies even chipmunks and a squirrel one time.
Also, Moosekitty once caught a bat. He brought it up on the porch,because that's where he usually ate his catches. Mom freaked out. She insisted my brothers make the cat release the still-alive and flapping bat. They refused because one, this was a bat and two, Moosekitty was known to be fierce about protecting - and then eating - his prey. While Mom and my brothers argued, Moosekitty had adjusted his bite on the bat and it was just enough for the bat to get away.
We didn't have a camcorder to film this and we should have. It wasn't the sort of thing you saw every week on 'America's Funniest Home Videos'. And that's why it would have won first place.

So I've turned this into a personal story about a cat, a bat and AMFV. Stories from other ATAers that involve all three or even two of these are certainly welcome.

aries moon said...

Drew Griffin's charity scam reports just don't interest me--I don't care for him as a reporter and it's hard to watch and listen to him, no matter how noble the cause, like Jaanza, I switched to Hayes.

I wasn't quite paying attention to the football report but if Jeff Toobin did say that the players are 'dumb' when it comes to dealing with women, it's kind of funny, because Toobin got into some well-publicized and embarrassing trouble with some women himself a few years back--granted, he certainly wasn't physically abusive, but he was abusive in another disturbing way, so maybe he should tread lightly on this subject of 'dumb' men!

Anderson's snide tone during the interview with Press Sec Josh Earnest was irritating--I get that it's his job to ask tough questions, even though, as Jaanza said, they're questions that the GOP want to see the Obama Administration hit with, there still was no reason for AC to show so much skepticism, disbelief and outright mockery--he was practically 'making faces' at the camera as Earnest (who was perfectly respectful to AC) was answering his questions--isn't AC supposed to be objective? The interview, as with the ISIS-war panel discussion with Gergen and Jay Carney, was edited in a way for 360 to level maximum criticism of the Obama Administration's handling of ISIS--Gergen got the last word of course, not Carney. I see now that 360's going to handle having a real Democrat and former Obama Admin staffer as a regular contributor the way THEY want to handle it so that THEIR usual message of "President Obama, bad" will always take precedent over anything else. I can't imagine Anderson behaving so disrespectfully and dismissively with John McCain the way he did with Earnest--AC's too afraid to confront McCain forcefully--or he maybe he just simply agrees with the majority of the nonsense that comes out of McCain's mouth.

Happy to see the Ridiculist back but bats give me the creeps and the segment was mostly scenes of bats flying around news studios--not one of 360's best--what I did like was the clip of the cat coming out of nowhere and jumping on a reporter's shoulder--it's been shown before on 360, but it's great.

@Jaanza, I loved your bat/cat story! And Moosekitty is an awesome name.