Friday, October 17, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360: Ebola Czar, Lack of A Surgeon General & The CDC Only Has An Advisory Role

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 back in the NYC studio.  Included in the program was a panel discussion of President Obama's appointment of an 'Ebola Czar' with Anderson, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and David Gergen.   Some interesting points were made.

Anderson's "Roots" story was aired again on Out Front tonight, but his follow up discussion, this time  with Erin, was new:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

Thanks, ATA, for the clips. I watched 'The Amazing Race' but checked in on 360 during TAR commercial breaks. Almost time I checked in, ebola was the topic.
At :44 into the hour I caught the Bulletin. One of the blips in the Bulletin was Michael Dunn's sentence of life in prison for killing Jordan Davis. This was the loud music at a Florida gas station shooting two years ago. Back then Anderson spent a lot of time on this story so I'm disappointed the sentencing today didn't get more time on 360.
When I checked in later, 360 had a 'Roots' clip about Fareed Zakaria.

In the clip, I'm surprised Gergen approved of Obama's choice for a 'Drug Czar', Ron Klane (sp?). Then it was odd to hear him also admit it was the Republicans who had blocked the Surgeon General appointment. It was in a long answer to a question that didn't specifically ask anything about the Surgion General vacancy. Gergen brought it up himself. I wish Anderson had asked something about this, maybe to ask Gergen about Obama's choice for Surgeon General and why Republicans don't like the choice.

And thanks also for the clip from 'Out Front' about Anderson's 'Roots' segment.

Any predictions or hopes for Monday's 360? If another person in the U.S. is found to be infected with ebola, I'm predicting another 90% ebola 360. If there are no new ebola cases over the weekend, I hope 360 will have segments on other news.

Anonymous said...

I was shocked that Gergen brought up the reason we don't have a surgeon general. I wish Anderson had delved into the reason why we don't have a Surgeon General. I'm guessing many are unaware that it's Republican's and the NRA fighting President Obama's nominee. A highly qualified nominee at that.

I'm guessing the NRA is remembering how C Everett Koop stood up to the tobacco lobby and the resulting warning on each package of cigarettes.

Anderson's tone seemed to flip-flop about the CDC. One minute he was admitting they only have an advisory role and the next seem to be bashing them. And no mention of Rick Perry actually speaking about the situation finally. But true to Perry form, he was reading for a script and while acknowledging mistakes were made seemed to be blaming the CDC instead of the State Public Health Department and the local hospital.

I enjoyed listening to Anderson talk about hearing his dad's voice for the first time since he was 10 years old. The Roots special on Tuesday is probably the only CNN special I will ever watch.

Anonymous said...

C Everett Koop served in the Nixon Administration and part of the Johnson Administration.
Both of these Presidents knew in advance how to handle Congress.
The NRA has become MORE powerful during this Administration because this President allowed it to do was a lack of leadership on his part and his failure to even curb the NRA slightly after Sandy Hook and it will, forever be part of Obama's legacy.
The NYT is reporting that it was only after the MEDIA started to report on Ebola that the POTUS knew he had to address the situation in a more vigorous manner. He is the Commander in Chief and after 9/11 we should have been prepared for this type of emergency.