Thursday, October 16, 2014

Anderson Cooper Anchors Live From Dallas, TX on Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Anderson Cooper anchored the 10AM ET hour of CNN Newsroom today with all the latest news on Ebola from Dallas, TX.

In the 8PM ET hour of AC360 Anderson played his interview with Ebola survivor, Dr. Kent Brantley:

Anderson was back live in the 11PM ET hour.  Because he's standing in front of the Texas Health Resources sign in Dallas, he probably won't be guest co-hosting Live with Kelly tomorrow (Thursday)

And a few photos posted to social media over the last couple of days:


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Anonymous said...

I found it interesting that it came up in conversation on AC360 that the CDC has no jurisdiction in this situation, that it's up to the state and local authorities Instead of spending so much time talking about the CDC and what they are or aren't doing perhaps Anderson could spend his day in Dallas interviewing Gov. Perry and local authorities who clearly had no plan and still don't have a clue. If Anderson is going to spend his days in Dallas he should put them to good use tracking down the people responsible for the "mis-steps" and call them out like he did Mary Landrieu. He could also track down some Republicans and ask them why they won't approve a Surgeon General and keep cutting the budget the federal government has to deal with things like Ebola. The Republicans are all about giving government back to the states and local units, then the first ones to call on/out the Federal government when a real crisis comes and it's apparent the state and local governments can't handle it.

I liked Anderson's discussion with David Letterman last week about Ebola and tend to think he personally believes what he told Dave, but that doesn't fit with Zucker/CNN's fear mongering narrative for this story. I guess fear mongering and standing in front of a sign in Dallas help ratings?

sandyeggo said...

Seems to me that I remember reading about Anderson about 7-8 years ago that he was fascinated by viral epidemics (part of his death and survival thing) in Africa and wanted to go but CNN wouldn't let him.
Another show to fast forward through although I was confused by the chronology as he seems to have only brought one outfit. Sigh.

Jaanza said...

@Anon 12:19 - excellent points regarding the CDC and state/local governments. I've heard a local TV station (sorry, can't remember which one) in a report ("Are Twin Cities hospitals prepared for ebola?") mention the CDC's lack of control. However, you are right that Anderson should point this out.
The fact that we don't have a Surgeon General right now and why isn't getting enough attention. Hayes had a segment on politicians spewing opinions on ebola and fact-checking them. But if he brought up the currently vacant Surgeon Generall position, I missed it.
I love that you called this 'fear mongering" and blamed Zucker for it.

Wednesday's 360 was entirely ebola. Half of Hayes' show was, the other half was a few stories on the upcoming midterm elections. Depending on when you read this, Election Day is about 20 days away. There are some key races and note-worthy campaign events which should be covered on 360. This afternoon Jake Tapper had an election segment, can't Zucker let Anderson have one?

Here's an incomplete list of what Anderson covered:
- 2nd nurse, Amber Vinson, infected and flown to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta
- Vinson's situation discussed by Sanjay Gupta, Seema Yasmin and Elizabeth Cohen
- Jim Acosta analyzing Obama's ebola statement
- hospitals' ebola protocols
- a list of all Americans infected with (or died from) ebola, ALL EIGHT OF THEM!!! EIGHT! 8 8 8!!! IT'S AN EPIDEMIC!!!
-Anderson interview with Dr. Kent Brantley, who recovered from ebola
- the Texas Resources Hospital ebola regulations
- Anderson questioning a woman from a nurses organization
- Anderson questioning Dr. Joseph McCormick
- Anderson's interview with Mr. and Mrs. Mukpo (?), parents of the ebola patient in Nebraska
- the Frontier Airlines plane Vinson flew on two days ago.

Thanks, ATA, for the photos today. I'm always glad to see that Anderson is so approachable and willing to pose with fans.

aries moon said...

Anderson/360/CNN tiptoe around Republicans and the problems their policies ultimately cause and they refuse to call them out directly. Yes, it's the Republicans and the NRA that have blocked President Obama's nominee for Surgeon General. We are dealing with a deadly virus and Gov. Rick Perry is running around Europe trying to look presidential when he can't even handle what's happening in his own state. Totally agree with 12:19 am, AC should be grilling Perry and the GOP over the budget cuts that have contributed to the problems they're having now in battling Ebola. It is clear that AC is far more willing to go after POTUS than any Republican--I'm still annoyed that he brought up McCain's Ebola Czar nonsense the other day instead of talking about the Surgeon General pick being blocked by the GOP.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect and appreciation for the ATA team, lets see if we can do the math. If Anderson was standing in front of the sign in Texas at 11 p.m., it was 11 p.m. EST. Which means it was around 8:30 p.m. in Dallas. Superman got off the air, ran for the airport and caught a late flight. I hope we see him with Kelly this morning.

Anonymous said...

AC was on fire last night while reporting from Dallas about the Ebola debacle. He seemed genuinely frustrated at the lack of standard protocol applied during this crisis and the various missteps that happened all along the way, culminating with the 2nd health worker infected with Ebola being allowed to take a commercial flight from Dallas to Atlanta. His reaction to the incompetence of the CDC and the local authorities reminded men of when he was reporting in NOLA during Katrina. It was great to see him so invested in this developing story.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anon 10:01 AM Mark, Kelly's husband, substituted for the substitute. Remember he has to sleep, his days as Superman are over.

OT I am really glad that Jane Valez Mitchell is gone from HLN, now can we get rid of Nancy Grace. Screaming Banshees in the unemployment line would be great.

Anonymous said...

aries moon I caught part of Wolfe yesterday, he had Gloria Borger on and they were talking about the meeting with the Obama Cabinet. Gloria made the remark(I'm paraphrasing)"he has took look like he's doing something." I went back to my movie. Any time they can bash the President and his admin they take it.

Anonymous said...

I think AC's coverage of the Ebola crisis has been fantastic, and I'm glad he's not spending a minute on midterm elections. The situation in Dallas is much more serious and emblematic of a larger problem than people around here seem to realize. I don't think fear mongering is at work here as much as Anderson trying to raise the alarm about our government's inability to properly handle a major test of its health care crisis management. Forget about the virus, in a way, this is a similar situation to what happened with FEMA in NOLA during Katrina: in both cases, you have an unprecedented event testing the limits and showing the deep inadequacies of the system in charge of dealing with such emergencies. Hayes can keep covering the midterms if he wants to, it's not like anyone is watching him given MSNBC's abysmal ratings these days. Most people aren't all that interested in insiders political scorekeeping, which is why Hayes' show is a distant last in cable news.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:01 Mark was in the Live co-host chair today. Anderson is still in Texas.

Please be aware that Dallas is in the Central Time Zone and one hour behind the Eastern Time Zone. That means Anderson was on the air until 11:00PM local time in Dallas. Unless he was flying by private jet....

@aries moon Are we really surprised Anderson brought up McCain's crazy idea? I wouldn't be surprised if he worked on McCain's next re-election campaign!

Anonymous said...

I too think it's a lot of fear mongering. I heard even Shep Smith on FOX told people to calm down and not listen to all the fear being spread on TV news.

1 person has died in the U.S. and two health care workers caring for that man who died have become infected. It sounds like a hospital/Dallas/TX issue to me. Where's Gov. Perry? Why isn't he being questioned or the head of the hospital? I'm not sure why the DCD is being raked over the coals when they are strictly in an advisory role and have no authority.

I listened to a bit of the Congressional hearings today with the head of the CDC and even Congress (at the hearing) understood that the CDC has only an advisory capacity. In fact, one member asked the CDC is perhaps a law be enacted that give the CDC authority. Sounds to me like for all the Republican posturing about how state and local governments are better able to deal with things, this has not proven to be the case - at least in Dallas.

I'm also amazed at the sudden interest in Ebola now two people in the U.S. have contracted the virus, but basically turned a blind eye to the thousands dying in West Africa. Perhaps if more attention had been given to the outbreak in West Africa, the outbreak would have been contained and not reached the U.S. It seems to be a typical response to international matters these days; they aren't important unless people in the U.S. are personally affected and then apparently the Federal Government is responsible for making everything better and at fault if individual's make poor choices.

I do feel Anderson is feeding the fear and my example is last night in conversation with Dr. Sanjay Gupta when discussing the change in temperature thresh hold. Anderson pretty much implied that someone with the lower temperature was infected/could spread the virus and Sanjay clarified saying that not necessarily so unless they met the other criteria.

It seems to me like the second health care worker made poor/selfish choices by getting on a plane/leaving Texas in the first place. And since she's not being flown to Maryland is seems like Dallas, TX is not capable of treating Ebola patients. Again, where is the holding accountable of the head of the hospital and Gov. Perry?

Even Dr. Brantly pointed out last night that there is a lot of irrational fear over Ebola in the U.S. To all those so afraid of Ebola, I ask, have you had your flu shot? The flu will kill more people in the U.S. this year than Ebola.

aries moon said...

@anon 1:23 pm, AC's blind spot when it comes to John McCain is SO irritating.

I hope that people ARE paying close attention to the mid-term elections. It's REALLY critical now given the result of Dems not taking them seriously in 2010. We have the WORST Congress in history now because of it and the president's agenda, which he was elected TWICE to enact, is being obstructed by extremist right wingers. This needs to END. Conventional wisdom has it that Democrats have already lost the Senate but turnout will be key and it remains to be seen what the actual outcome will be. Midterms MATTER big time.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe 3:33 is comparing Ebola to the flu. They say ignorance is bliss, but sometimes it's just plain stupidity.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:17 You can call me stupid if you want, but facts are on my side. A low estimate for flu deaths in the US is 20,000 people per year. Flu is an air born virus and much easier to for the average US citizen to catch than Ebola, yet a majority of the people neglect to get a flu shot.

While I agree that Ebola is nothing to make light of, I don't think all the fear mongering in the news helps. People need to be cautious and aware of the virus and treat it with respect, but they also need to be knowledgeable of the facts and you can't get those by watching the news; especially cable news. Unfortunately, the news is now a ratings game and fear and hype build ratings.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon I agree entirely about mid-term elections. The results will affect the average citizen much more than Ebola probably ever will. Unfortunately, AC360 is all about ratings and Ebola fear is winning the ratings game right now.

Hopefully the Dems will work their get out the vote campaign the way they did in 2012. I know there's a lot of work going on in my area. History shows that a larger voter turn out favors Dems, which is the impetus behind the Repubs trying pass laws that restrict people from voting. Now there's an investigation Drew Griffin could throw himself into that would matter.

Anonymous said...

Ebola is a major news story, I don't know why some of you fail to realize this. Yes, more Americans die each year of the flu than Ebola, and even more Americans die in car accidents yearly than that, but this is not about statistics, but about our government's failure to properly respond to this crisis.

Anonymous said...

CNN do anything that would be positive for the middle class or Liberals that will be the day. They have become FOX JR.

aries moon said...

Now there's an investigation Drew Griffin could throw himself into that would matter.

Thank you anon 6:06! Currently in Georgia 40,000 voter registration applications have gone 'missing' and the Koch Brother's right wing organization Americans for Prosperity have sent out thousands of misleading voter registration info packets in battleground states with wrong deadlines for voter registration and incorrect addresses for voters to send in their applications to register. THIS is REAL voter fraud committed by the #GOP and intended to keep Democrats/minorities/students and the elderly from voting. SCOTUS also has a hand in suppressing the vote now. Where are Drew Griffin and AC360 on this?? This is so un-American and heinous--it's amazing how the press is mostly ignoring it.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:13 I don't live in TX and it's the state and local govt that has failed. The CDC has no authority but must be invited to come in. I want AC to call out Gov Perry for the failure in TX. Perhaps Congress should be asking themselves why we don't have a Surgeon General and funding.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the anons!
Yes, indeed, equating AC with Superman is exactly my feeling. and anon: 6:13PM: Perfect analysis.
Yes, it is ALL ABOUT AN INEMPT GOVERNMENT, and that includes the precious POTUS, who is forever "leading from behind," saying "Ebola COULD be a global threat."
We are not ready for this crisis and the CDC has no plan in place for hospital management.
According to the Washington Post: Mr.Duncan was left waiting in the hallway for atleast an hour BEFORE, he was given any medical attention, on his second visit!
Why wasn't the POTUS and his advisers on this in July when he received warnings that this could become an epidemic of major proportions if not tended to immediately?
Folks: We have more than a "Do nothing" Congress here.

Anonymous said...

Dallas is in central time zone, so 11pm eastern would be 10 pm in Dallas.