Monday, October 06, 2014

Anderson Cooper Confronts A Dark History On Finding Your Roots Airing Tuesday, October 7, 2014

TV journalist Anderson Cooper discovers a surprising fact about his Civil War era ancestors, and must reconcile with his family's dark past.  Here's a preview, posted to YouTube by PBS.

Check your local listings for time and PBS Channel.  We will have it covered for you once it airs.

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Jaanza said...

Thanks, ATA, for the "Finding Your Roots" clip. I'm guessing a lot of the show will be about his father's side of the family since his mother's side is already well-documented. My own family roots in this country don't go back that far, most came to this country post-Civil War to prior-WWI.

Monday's 360 was not ALL about ebola. I missed the beginning and the ending, when I came in Anderson was talking to a reporter in front of the White House about ebola and then Louise again. The trio of Sanjay Gupta, Erwin Redener and David Quammen was back to discuss.

The second segment was more ebola. Gary Tuchman had a report on the hazmat team at Thomas' apartment, reactions of neighbors and statements from city officials. Anderson interviewed Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings about the whole situation.
I spent a lot of the segment watching Hayes. He had a whole segmetn on the Supreme Court decision not to hear the appeals from five states concerning same-sex marriage and what that means. This is big news and should have had a segment on 360. I did not watch the second hour or hardly anything else on CNN today.. Can anyone say whether this story got time on other CNN programs?

I stayed with 360 long enough to see that the ISIS segment included a Q&A with Jim Sciutto and analysis by Lt. Gen. Mark Herting and Ben Wedeman. Hayes was covering the Bill Maher/Ben Affleck squabble over Muslims and racism. Later, I did see Don Lemon's intro to the 10 PM news hour and he stated he would be covering this but I wasn't able to see it.

Besides ebola, there is Enterovirus D68. Susan Candiotti filed a report but I didn't watch. With all this incredible news about ebola and D68, Hayes found the time to show a taped report on Kentucky, coal mining and politics. Hayes really was in Kentucky to do this himself.

I didn't see the beginning of 360 nor the ending. I was watching Hayes and when I remembered to check back on 360, it was already in the 'last minutes of the hour' commercial break.

Last week in the ratings, Anderson beat Hayes on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Essentially that's good news but it makes me wonder if most people really are overwhelmingly concerned about ebola. While these numbers are up, my letter to 360 about story selection will have to wait.

aries moon said...

The GOP pushed for budget cuts and the sequester which have contributed to the problems that have come up in the Ebola crisis and have made things more complicated for health officials to deal with it. AC touched on this but he and the rest of the media never call out the GOP directly for the havoc their policies cause and they continually get a pass.

Susan Candiotti's Enterovirus report was genuinely frightening and I hope researchers can get a handle on this virus.

The same-sex marriage decision by the Supreme Court should've gotten a bigger segment on 360 instead of being stuck in the bulletin. It was a pretty significant ruling--it was Rachel Maddow's top story.

Looking forward to AC's appearance on Finding Your Roots.