Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Anderson Cooper Hosts Elton John AIDS Foundation's 13th Annual An Enduring Vision Benefit

For those wondering why AC360 was taped tonight, Anderson was hosting the Elton John AIDS Foundation benefit.  Here are a few photos from Zimbio.com

With Chairman, David Furnish ~

And from Twitter:

With Matt Lauer~

With Neil Patrick Harris~

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Jaanza said...

I actuallyl didn't notice 360 was taped except for noting one not LIVE report late in the show. Tuesday's 360 had some good points and some not-so-good.

For a minute or so at the start the big story was the NASA rocket exposion in Virginia. An unmanned rocket loaded with supplies for the International Space Station exploded a few seconds after it launched. Tom Foreman gave the details. Then Anderson said, "Thanks, Tom. Now ebola."

First, here's the ebola and ebola-related topics Anderson reported: an overview, comments from NJ Gov. Christie, comments from President Obama, questions about quarantienes, and an interview with Ryan Foyko Royko was in LIberia and is now in a forced quarantine in his Connecticut home. He had no contact with ebola patients, has tested negative for ebola but an armed guard is outside his door making sure doesn't leave until another week or so. Anderson and Royko discussed quarantines, public health, scientifiic facts and politician's fears. Overall a good interview.
During the commercial break I watched Hayes cover midterm elections and when I got back to 360 Anderosn just finished talking to Jim Acosta and started a panel with Sanjay Gupta and Seema Yasmin. The topic was ebola, of course.

Was that enough ebola coverage? Too much? Too little?
Am I wrong for not appreciating all the ebola reporting on 360 the past few weeks?
Am I sticking my head in the sand and ignoring the deadly, widespread epidemic soon to be knocking on my front door?
In my defense, today I read an article titled "Here Are All the People Outside of Africa Who Have Ebola". In the article was a list of them all, all 18 of them and where they contracted ebola. Of the 18, four have died, one is still in treatment and 13 have recovered. Fifteen were infected in Africa, three were healthcare workers caring for one of the 15.
While I totallly agree ebola should be contained in west Africa, so far it hasn't made much progress outside of Africa. To quote the artilcle, "Countries outside of Africa have little to worry about comparatively, however."
So I'm not going to worrry.

Martin Savidge in on location in Hawaii and reported on the volcanic lava flow threatenting a village there. A Bulletin was included in this segment.

Next was a report on a middle-school girl in Alabama who was asked to be "rape bait" so they could kick a boy out of school. The girl was raped, the boy was suspended for a while but no criminal charges were filed. That was five years ago and recently the girl filed a lawsuit. I read about this more than a month ago and wondered if this report had sat on the shelf for a long while. This was the report I noticed didn't carry the usual "LIVE' icon. It was a good report but the timing of its broadcast bothered me.

Anderson conducted a phone interview with Miles O'Brien for more details on the NASA rocket explosion. This lasted only a minute or so. The rest of the last segment was a promo for the CNN 9 pm documentary on the 1979 Iran hostage crisis.

On Hayes' show he has a regular segment title 'Countdown to November 4'. On 360 you'd never know Election Day is only a week away.

aries moon said...

The Alabama 'rape bait' report was probably just thrown in as filler but it was really disturbing and sad. I feel so awful for the young girl who was treated horrifically by school officials who have for the most part gotten away with this. I hope the student wins the lawsuit and I hope we get an update at some point.