Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Anderson Cooper Out & About in NYC

The above and below photos of Anderson Cooper out and about in NYC were posted to fan-girl.org on October 11th (Saturday).

One lucky fan got a "selfie" with Anderson ~

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Jaanza said...

Right at the start it looked like another all-ebola show and that's pretty much what it turned out to be. Anderson was still in Dallas, reporting from the same spot as yesterday. Here's a rundown of what I saw, it's probably not complete because I was watching Hayes quite a bit:

- an overview of the latest ebola news
- Elizabeth Cohen with an update on Nina Pham
- repeated (or part 2?) report by Sanjay Gupta on protective gear/garments for health care workers
- profile of Pham and interview with her friend
- ebola and hospitals report by Drew Griffin
- Q&A with Dr. Joseph McCormick
- changing ebola protocols/regulations, nurses union complaints and Sanjay Gupta
-Gary Tuchman report on ebola and health care workers
- 2 1/2 minute promo/preview for the CNN documentary on the 25th anniversary of the San Francisco World Series earthquake.

Hayes, that guy over on MSNBC watched by me, my cat Inky and nobody else, reported on ebola for one segment which started :34 into the hour. Diss Hayes if you want but he did have good reports on voter ID laws and possible shenanigans with voter registration application in Georgia.

Two points brought up in yesterday's ATA post comments:

1. Hayes in ratings trouble and possible firing in the near future - Hayes is no Anderson but if 360 is covering news I'm not interested in and Hayes is, I'm watching Hayes. In these situations, the content matters more than the anchor.
No matter who anchors MSNBC at 8 pm, if he or she is talking about something I want to hear about and Anderson has his gazillioneth story on ebola or MH370, I'm watching MSNBC.

2. There are many viewers out there who are loving the all-ebola shows - well, good. I'm glad somebody is getting what they want out of 360.
However, all the ebola coverage seems so overblown and excessive to me.
Was it just last week when Anderson told David Letterman not to worry too much about ebola, he probably won't get infected and to go ahead and live his life?

Thanks for the Anderson 'out and about' photos. I'm jealous of the girl in the green top. I've been to NYC a few times and never saw anyone famous. Those photos are good information for my next trip (whenver that will be). If I happen to see Anderson I'll try to say 'Hi' and get a photo. I'll tell him I have his book 'Dispatches from the Edge' but I won't tell him what I've been writing here on ATA.

aries moon said...

Ben looks different on that pic with AC. Oh...that's not Ben, lol.

Anonymous said...

Where's Ben?

Anonymous said...

It's just like Obama to say that
"Ebola 'could' become a global threat."
Now that's what I call leadership from behind.....what does he think it is now?
Hello, anybody home in the WH?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who that guy is walking with Anderson?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the mystery guy with Anderson is just one of his (and Ben's?) friends.