Friday, October 24, 2014

Anderson Cooper Remembers Cpl. Nathan Cirillo

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour of AC360 from the NYC studio.  At the end of the second hour Anderson spent a few minutes remembering Cpl. Nathan Cirillo from Canada and talked to three people who were with him after he was shot on Wednesday.

And a few more photos from social media (taken Wednesday or Thursday):


AC360 Transcript
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Anonymous said...

Huffpost is reporting that a Newark NJ passenger who had treated Ebola patients has developed the virus.
Both the governors of New York and NJ are passing legislation to quarantine anyone who arrives from Africa that has been in contact with Ebola to be quarantined. FINALLY!!
I have been saying this in mutiple posts over and over that we are too concerned about "political correctness" and unconcerned for public safety.
So NOW IT'S OK TO QUARANTINE, Now that the virus has begun to spread from those that contracted it abroad.....Now that the chicken has hatched or the barn door is open, legislation is being passed.
Personally I'm tired of how it looks. If hundreds of people become ill....WE KNOW WHERE TO PLACE THE BLAME.

Anonymous said...

I really liked Anderson's report on the life of Cpl. Cirillo. His follow up interview was very good and he seemed very touched by the kindness displayed by the three individuals.

The pictures of Cirillo's dogs waiting for him to come home was very moving for a pet owner such as myself, but we must remember he had a 5 year old that is waiting for him, too. Such a senseless tragedy/act of violence.

I'm still hopeful that maybe we'll see more of the reports/interviews Anderson gathered while in Canada. If they don't make it to air, then maybe on the AC360 website?

Dave Cullen is always a good guest after a school shooting. I hope everyone gets out to vote and any politician with ties to the NRA and gun lobby is voted out of office.

Anonymous said...

"I hope that anyone with ties to the NRA or gun lobby is voted out of office."
While I couldn't agree with you more, according to Saturday's NYT
Op Ed page, Mario Cuomo's son, who is now Govenor of NY, is fighting for his political life, because he had the courage to pass a gun Safety Act, after Sandy Hook.
He is the ONLY govenor to do so and although the NYC boroughs are greatly appreciative of his actions, the counties in upper NY State, especially Sullivan County, is very anti gun control and intent on taking their anger to the polls.
If Gov. Cuomo could try to make a small dent in the gun lobby, by having background checks when a handgun is purchased, why couldn't our President have done the same thing on a Federal level? His term is over in a year, so what stopped him??
Oh, that's pun intended. His hands were tied because of Congress and partisanship. Got it.
(That that's what I call Leadership)

Anonymous said...

Apparently the nurse that was quarantined does NOT have Ebola and she's mad, speaking out and feeling that her rights are being violated. I don't understand the quarantine working since it's two states and there's nothing to prevent people from avoiding entry into one of the airports in those two states and driving into NYC or anywhere else in NJ or NY. Seems to me like all this quarantine will do is discourage medical aid workers from going to Africa to help where the virus is at it's worse which means the virus will spread even more. All the medical experts and disease control experts I've heard speak say that they best was to keep the virus from spreading is to defeat it in the hot spots.

Not sure how POTUS passes legislation without Congress. A group of Republicans vowed to make him a one term president while he was being inaugurated in January of 2009 and the current group is hoping to take control of the Senate to undue his health care and climate change legislation. How do you lead those type of people and their constituents while saying they are unhappy with Congress, keep voting them in so apparently all people want is someone to blame, but are unwilling to take action that could mean change for the better.

The courts and Bush Administration undid the gun control legislation that President Clinton managed to get passed, so the blame lays at the feet of the courts and Bush if you ask me. As for leaders, be careful what you ask for. People claim Reagan was a great leader but his economic policies and deregulation of the banking industry are at the root cause of the economic crisis of 2008. Even his VP - HW Bush called it "Vodoo Economics" - somehow people remember him as a great leader. I guess he was if you are part of the 1% that benefited from his policies. His policies were responsible for a great expansion of national debt which Republican's weren't concerned with at the time but are now. And W. Bush may have acted like a leader, but we know now that his actions have made our country more unsafe as his trying to spread democracy to countries not ready for it and where it wasn't wanted only made terrorist hate the U.S. even more. Not to mention the huge costs of unjustifiable wars both monetarily and with human life and with many that served coming home less whole.

I prefer a thinking President that considers all options and weighs outcomes, but maybe that's just me. Those that go it alone like W., Cuomo, Christie are often reactors and not people that actually solve problems and for the long term.