Saturday, October 18, 2014

Anderson Cooper Report "Ending Life" To Air On 60 Minutes Sunday, October 17th

Anderson has a story airing tomorrow/Sunday evening on 60 Minutes and we will have it covered for you after it airs.


Barbara Mancini of Philadelphia, Pa., was arrested and accused of helping her dying father kill himself. She then became the focus of the end-of-life debate raging in America. Anderson Cooper interviews Mancini for her first sit-down television interview to be broadcast on 60 MINUTES on Sunday, Oct. 19 (7:00-8:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Watch an excerpt.

Mancini's father, Joe Yourshaw, was 93 years old. He was terminally ill and in pain, and had repeatedly said he was ready to die. Mancini, an emergency room nurse, says her father, who lived in Pottsville, Pa., did not want to die in a hospital connected to machines, and she promised him she would honor his wishes. "He had very focused convictions about how he wanted to live. And being independent was a big part of that," says Mancini.

On Sunday's 60 MINUTES, Mancini tells Cooper what happened to her after she kept that promise to her father.

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Anonymous said...

Now this is the type of reporting Anderson should be doing, all the time...end of life issues.
With all the boomers aging, this is a serious issue. His own mother is in her ninties!
Enough fluff!

Anonymous said...

It would have been nice if Anderson had really gone after the doctor who was so adamant about keeping patients alive against their will.
His lack of agressiveness led us to believe once again, that he really had no opinion on this subject, other than his usual vague generic questions.
Doctors and hospitals make MORE MONEY, by keeping people alive who would prefer to die if they were deemed terminal and it was Cooper's perfect chance to say:
"There are those who think you are saying this because you and the medical community are making a large profit caring for terminal patients the longer they live, even if it is against their will."
Unless I missed it, and I did view the entire segment, HE did not.