Thursday, October 02, 2014

Anderson Cooper Talks CNN Heroes and Ebola From New Day to AC360, 10/02/2014

Anderson began his day at CNN on New Day announcing the Top 10 CNN Heroes in the 8AM ET hour.  He appeared on most CNN programs throughout the day talking about his interview with "Louise" which aired on AC360 tonight.  (See below.)

New Day:


Anderson's interview with "Louise" part  1 ~

Anderson's interview with "Louise" part 2 ~

Anderson ended AC360 with an edited version of the 10 Ten CNN Heroes announcement.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

I channel-surfed so much I'm not really qualified to post anything about Thursday's 360. But has that ever stopped me before?

Except for a minute and a half at the end to promote "Heroes", 360 was about ebola. Ebola ebola ebola. Ebola over here, ebola over there, ebola everywhere. Although I did channel-surf a lot, I did note that Anderson talked to Louise (a relative of Thomas, the Texan infected with ebola) in two segments (ATA has posted those).
And then the expert trio of Sanjay Gupta, David Quammen and Dr. Erwin Redemer throughout the night. Arwa Damon (I think that was her) and Gary Tuchman each had an ebola angle report.
A report (by ?) about contagious diseases (LIKE EBOLA) on airplanes had a good start but the report stopped dead in its tracks, a technical snafu. This report never came back, at least not in the first hour.
For comparison's sake, Hayes covered ebola in his first segment, later mentioned the NBC cameraman and that was it.

One interesting tidbit: Anderson reported on the NBC cameraman infected with ebola about a minute or two before Hayes did. It made me wonder how well the NBC news brass treats little brother MSNBC.

All ebola all the time. Ebola is getting the MH370 treatment. Therefore, thank fuzzy pink bunnies in rainbows, I got remote control.

aries moon said...

Ebola overload on 360, but after listening to AC's interview with Louise, city, state, federal medical officials better get on the ball and get those contaminated bed sheets out of her apartment ASAP.

Anonymous said...

I thought the interview with Louise was excellent, thoughtful, compassionate but very scary. The government IS NOT doing their job. WHY is Louise's daughter and perhaps her children NOT quarantine when they have been in contact with Thomas? How do we get the government to act before this gets any worse?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:57 - It's Texas, what should we expect? Looks like the media pressure worked and the local government agencies are finally getting their act together.

- Jenn

Anonymous said...

After viewing and hearing AC's interview with Louise, I wouldn't want to be living in her apt. complex. I feel for her, but I also feel sorry for those neighbors around her.
And this is the reason the US should have stopped anyone flying from any of the infected areas in Africa, BEFORE, it reached our shores.
Some may say that this is not a practical solution, however, if you really look deeply into this problem, it is racial.
So we did the "politically correct thing" and now what??