Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 - The RidicuList: Rockin' Role

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 Live from the NYC studio and ended the hour with this RidicuList ~

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Jaanza said...

A couple of major problems in Wednesday's 360.

The first segment was the ebola segment and it was packed with a lot of information. Anderson delivered the latest on Kaci Hickox; she's still showing no symptoms of ebola and is not staying inside her Maine home. Maine wants to enforce a quarantine and this may end up in court.
Oddly there was a clip of Obama speaking about leadership included here. Nothing about ebola, public health or quarantines. A few lines about leadership. Maybe I'm loopy up on pumpkin fumes (I carved earlier today) but I didn't see the connection between the Obama clip and the HIckox non-quarantine.
Anderson's interview with Steven Hyman, HIckox' attorney, went really well. To sum up Hyman's POV, 'It's all political, it's driven by fear'.
The panel with Sanjay Gupta and Jeffrey Toobin was also really good. It focused on the legalities of a forced quarantine and how the science stacks up for and against.
There was further information on what's going on in Maine via a phone interview with Scott Dolan from the Portland Press Herald.
Why, when Anderson talks to someone over the phone, that person's name is shown big, bold and eassily readable in the upper left corner of the screen? But when Anderson talks to someone in the studio or on screen, that person's name is scrunched below the on-screen headline in a far lower-quality font?

The second story should not have been the NASA rocket explosion. Gary Tuchman had the report and Miles O'brien and Ken Bowersox were the panel. It was more video, narration, a ilttle analysis and some speculation. The fact that NASA is investigating the explosion could have been summed up in the Bulletin.

But the unnecessary NASA rocket explosion segment was not the biggest waste of time in the show. That award belongs to a Randi Kaye report on the astonauts in the International Space Station. This was classic WTF Filler!
How obvious is it that I didn't watch and swtiched to Hayes covering the riot gear shopping spree Ferguson MO has done to prepare for the announcement of the grand jury decision on Officer Wilson. This banal squandering of primetime news space is what 360 viewers got.

When I got back from Hayes, Anderson was in his own Ferguson segment. The focus was on the Ferguson police chief. Anderson also had a Q&A with Benjamin Crump, attorney for the Michael Brown family.

Shoshana B. Roberts' video of harassment on the sidewalks of NYC is getting a lot of attention and here it was on 360. Anderson's short interview with Roberts was good. However, it made me think back to an onscreen title I saw in the first segment. I think I saw 'Anderson's Interview with Nurse Hickox Soon' or something like that. I interpreted that to mean later in the same show. Maybe it meant later this week?

My problems with Wednesday's 360 continued into the Ridiculist. The PAWS Chicago cover showing Billy Corgan with his two black kitties was adorable and his work with the organization is commendable. So many more worthy topics to ridicule than Billy Corgan's cover photo. I had a feeling Anderson would turn this around to himself and he did.

A oouple of good things, a couple of not-so-good and one horrible baffling WTF segment. Overall, I'd give this show a D+. And that's being mighty generous.
The lack of polical and election news cannot be blamed on Zucker's plan for all of CNN to cover 2 or 3 main stories each day. Blitzer and Tapper aren't ignoring next week's Election Day. Can anyone tell me why Anderson is?

aries moon said...

Jaanza's already done a typically excellent rundown of 360 so I'll just say that I agree that the interview with Kaci Hickox's lawyer was quite good--he seemed pretty confident that the state of Maine has no justification for demanding a quarantine--Jeff Toobin appeared to share that sentiment but he did say that a court might agree with the state that they're acting in the interest of the public by insisting she be quarantined. AC seems to be really up in arms about the idea of the government forcing someone who is not sick or contagious to be quarantined--understandable of course, but he rarely gets worked up over much on 360 which leads me to wonder if he's just not interested in the mid-term elections because either outcome won't affect him personally or if he's just bored/cynical about U.S. politics in general and won't cover it unless he absolutely HAS to. Al Jazeera did a major investigation of how hundreds of thousands of minority voters have been purged from voter registration rolls by the GOP over the past several years and how it will allow the GOP to win elections that they normally wouldn't. I find this development EXTREMELY alarming, even moreso than ebola because it tears at the fabric of our democracy and there is very little outcry or interest in it from the media (aside from liberal news media). I would've much preferred to see a segment on how thousands of people are being systematically denied their right vote instead of the catcall/harassment piece which was a total waste of time, IMO--I don't mean to downplay the subject, but there are far more disturbing things happening in this country right now and AC and 360 can't be bothered to cover them.