Friday, October 31, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Happy Halloween!

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Jaanza said...

Again, content-wise 360 fell down a well. Not down to the absolute bottom, that would be for if 360 spent the entire hour on Thursday on Eric Frein. But they only spent 75% of the hour on Frein so the fall down the well didn't go all the way to the bottom.

Frein, the fugitive from justice suspected of killing two cops in PA and hiding out for 48 days, was finally captured. That's big news. Totally acceptable to spend the first segment covering this and getting more details from Susan Candiotti, Ivan Perez, Tom Fuentes and Shane Hobel.

But why spend THREE FREAKING SEGMENTS on Frein? One was enough, the other two were minutiae and details.
Survey time! Anyone here think the additional two segments on Frein were necessary?

After way too many minor details on Frein, Anderson finally moved on to Kaci Hickox, the Doctors Without Borders nurse who was under quarantine in New Jersey but is now at her home in Maine. Anderson stated the facts already covered by Hayes a half-hour earlier. However, the report by Alexandra Field was really good. She was in Fort Kent, the small town near Hickox' home. Field talked to the local townspeople on how they feel about the HIckox non-quarantine; this was relevant reporting not covered by the NBC reporter in Fort Kent who talked to Hayes. Nonetheless, Hayes had Arthur Caplan on again. Caplan is a biomedical ethicist and I don't know why he isn't all over the place at CNN.

The last segment was Jason Carroll's interview with Ferguson MO Police Chief Thomas Jackson. Carroll also covered the upcoming grand jury decision and what the response could be. This was Don Lemon's lead story at 10 pm.

Tomorrow it's 'The Amazing Race' but I'll probably check in on Anderson during commercial breaks just to see what the topic is; maybe to see if the upcoming election gets any time.

Happy Holloween to you to, ATA. Great picture of the doggies as trick-or-treating ghosts.

aries moon said...

Jaanza's right, Frein overload. Not a story I've been interested in since AC360 began to cover it--the only thing that is interesting to me is that this armed cop killer was taken alive unlike a lot of innocent, unarmed young men who have been murdered by police recently.

At the end of the program AC said twice that he'd be back at 11 pm hour but Don Lemon's show aired instead, not sure why.