Friday, October 10, 2014

Catching Up With Anderson Cooper on Friday, October 10, 2014

Thursday's RidicuList:

Below are several items from social media over the last month or so ~

From Friday, September 19th:


From Friday, October 3rd:

And Saturday, October 4th:

A "Throwback Thursday" someone posted to Instagram of a young Anderson and Carter in MS:


And since Anderson talked about his dad this week - this was posted somewhere along the line - Wyatt wrote this inside a copy of his book "Families" for someone:

"Best Wishes from Wyatt Cooper who hopes that this book will make you laugh a little and cry a little since good books, like good lives are made by finding some happy balance between tears and laughter."

On Tuesday, October 7th, Anderson attended Alan Cumming's book party:

The commercial CNN has been airing for "Roots" next week:

CNN is airing a commercial for their "Roots" series ~

And Thursday, October 16th, Anderson is scheduled for guest co-host on Live with Kelly and Michael.  Guests listed are Glenn Close, Julianne Hough and Paloma Faith.  We'll have it covered for you.

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Anonymous said...

Have to say that AC's friend Andy Cohen really "grilled" the Giudice's on WWHL, after their sentencing. Judge Salas sentenced Teresa to 15 months and her hubby Joe to 3 and a half years, plus $400,000 in retribution payments
Andy asked them everything from whether they thought their prison term was fair to whether Teresa was prepared to leave her daughters on January 5th.
Cohen even went so far as to ask Joe Giudice if he expected to be deported after his sentencing.
He "claimed" he never knew he wasn't a US citizen, very hard to believe.
Teresa kept saying, "She didn't know what she was signing."
Someone has to tell Teresa "Ignorance is not bliss," when it comes to the law.

Anonymous said...

In that pic from Texas where AC is "photobombing" in the background of that lady's photo, you can also see Ben walking next to him. I wonder what they were doing down there.

aries moon said...

I wonder what Anderson (and Ben) were doing in Texas with the Lutrell family, AC took off last Friday for this--he seems to be very close to them, maybe the visit wasn't work-related but something personal? I guess we'll know soon enough if it was work. Shooting guns and anti-Obama talk is my guess, lol. Just kidding (sort of).

Clearly AC wasn't fretting over Piers Morgan's rants when he took those pics with Alan (Eli) Cummings on Thursday. He looks like he doesn't have a care in the world.

Thanks for all of the pics and info.