Friday, November 21, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 - ICYMI - GOP-LED Report Debunks Benghazi Theories + Extras!

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio tonight and there was a very brief mention of the report released today that debunked the GOP theories on Benghazi.  It was their own report, so the GOP dumped it on the Friday afternoon before Thanksgiving to avoid much news coverage and given the very brief statement more than 2/3 into AC360, I'd say their strategy worked.  Perhaps Drew Griffin and his investigative team could look into the tax payer money wasted by the GOP chasing their theories to try to bring down President Obama instead of actually legislating?

Preview of Anderson's 60 Minutes story airing this Sunday, November 23rd:

From ~

A Forgotten Corner of Hell:
Anderson Cooper accompanies volunteers who use modern technology to locate the remains of airmen missing in action in the waters off Palau, the site of costly World War II battles in the South Pacific.

We'll  have it covered for you after it airs.

And Anderson posted this to his Instagram page today ~


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aries moon said...

The GOP idea of Benghazi being some sort of huge scandal and cover up by the Obama Administration had been debunked by numerous investigations prior to the House taking it up again--I don't recall 360 ever reporting on the findings of those previous Benghazi hearings, but we're supposed to believe this Republican-led effort is somehow THE definitive final word on the subject--why is that exactly? All the GOP did was waste time and money on this non-scandal that was settled months ago--but I suppose we're lucky it was even mentioned at all on 360. Totally agree with the ATA teams commentary.