Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 - The RidicuList: Duck and Cover

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio tonight and ended the program with a RidicuList ~

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

It's November and parts of the U.S. are cold and snowy. I don't find this big news. However, I liked Gary Tuchman's report from Montana, especially the zoo part. Tuchman said 'Montanans expect cold and snow but not this early'. I scoff. If Minnesota can expect winter to come in a hurry and early so can Montana.
Sometimes winter comes slowly. Temperatures decrease steadily and snow comes in minor amounts until the big wallump. Sometimes winter rushes in all at once. I remember the Halloween Blizzard of 1991. It started during trick-or-treating and lasted almost three days. 2014's introduction to winter is mild in comparison.
Back to 360. Tuchman did the 'boiling water into snow' trick and I'm glad he added the warning to throw it downwind.
The rest of the first segment was about the missing students in Mexico and the protests and political turmoil which resulted. Rosa Flores reported.

Speaking of protests, Ferguson MO is preparing for a whopper after the grand jury decision is announced. Sunny Hostin and David Kinger were the panel and it got heated a couple times.

The segment on the summit in China started out focusing on Obama chewing gum and Putin putting a shawl (later rejected) on China's First Lady. Instead I watched Hayes' montage of news media people (mostly on FOX) being hysterical about ebola. Remember ebola? It was going to kill us all but now no one even mentions that the other people Dr. Spencer went bowling with are doing just fine.

Also I watched very little of Drew Griffin's report on 'Gas Pump Thieves'. I've already heard plenty about this but maybe it was new information for a few viewers.

An investigative report on Joan Rivers'death was released on exactly what happened at the endoscopy clinic. It boils down to: mistakes and outright wrongs happened. Sanjay Gupta and Jeffrey Toobin had several good comments. One commet was on the topic of celebrities receving special treatment both in medical and legal terms. I'd watch a segment, even a CNN special, on this topic.

The Ricidulst was okay. Yes, it's a good idea to stop for pedestrians but like that woman who complained, I would wonder too about a giant duck telling me to pull over. I also wonder if the police department needed permission from Disney beforehand.

I was disapointed there was nothing on 360 about Veterans' Day. The least I was hoping for was a mention on the Bulletin. The most I was hoping for was a segment on 'Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red' from London. If I was in charge, Drew Griffin's report would have been cut and Richard Quest would have reported from London.
Hayes didn't have 'Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red' either but he did have a nice report on 'The Mission Continues', a charity which helps soldiers adjust to civilian life.

aries moon said...

Too bad Jim Acosta/360 didn't think it was necessary to talk about the 'good headlines' he said President Obama made during the APEC summit in China--instead we got the same petty and irrelevant report on the non-scandal of the president chewing gum.

Sunny Hostin was right during the Ferguson panel--the entire case of Michael Brown was deliberately handled improperly in order to ensure that Darren Wilson goes unpunished.

Drew Griffin report. *Click*

The Joan Rivers piece had some jaw-dropping moments. That medical facility is going to pay dearly for her death as they should.