Monday, November 24, 2014

Anderson Cooper For 60 Minutes: A Forgotten Corner Of Hell - The Bent Prop Story


Part 1:

Part 2:

From 60 Minutes Overtime ~

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Anonymous said...

Another great 60 Minutes piece by Anderson. I also liked the one about Tchernobyl from this past Sunday.

Florence Hood said...

This is a "Thank You" directed to Anderson Cooper for the coverage on the BentProp Project's investigation into MIA's from WW11 in Palau. Because I saw that program, I have been in touch with both that organization and the 307th BG Assoc. My uncle, Cpl Hubble Fellows was the gunner in a B24 that was shot down on 09/02/1944 in Palau's waters. I now have hope that, though it's only remote, his remains might be found. I am going to take any advice and instruction from these organizations, including providing DNA samples, in an effort to accomplish this. Sincere best regards to Mr. Cooper. Florence Hood, Lakewood NJ