Thursday, November 20, 2014

Anderson Cooper Live From Washington DC on Thursday, November 20, 2014

Anderson Cooper anchored a special edition of AC360 from CNN's Washington, DC bureau and covered President Obama's Address to the Nation on Immigration.   While Republican "guests" were featured in the 8:00PM hour, there was an additional live hour at 11:00PM that featured a Democratic congressman as a guest.  Since this is so rare on AC360 these days and the interview was buried in the 11:00PM hour, we found it clip worthy ~

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

At the very start before Obama's speech started, Anderson had a short intro. In it he said something about the speech and the people he would talk to later, "...Republicans and non-Republicans..."
That sounded so odd to me. Why not say "Republicans and Democrats" or "members of Congress" or "people from all points of the political spectrum"?

Right after Obama's speech I was glad to see an evenly-sided panel: Donna Brazile, Jay Carney, Newt Gingrich and Ana Navarro. The video clip montage of Obama stating a few times that he wouldn't do it by himself was played again and it was annoying to have Navarro interrupt Carney's explanation of why things have changed.
Later, Gloria Borger and Jake Tapper were included.
Although I checked out Hayes quite a bit, I did see on 360 the screen title "Obama To Critics Of This Plan: Pass A Bill" and some discussion given to the chances of Congress passing a comprehensive immigration bill.
Anderson interviewed Rep. Steve King (R-IA). Hayes at this time was interviewing Republcan strategist Steve Schmidt. When Schmidt fantasized that Congress could and would quickly pass their own immigration reform bill, Hayes shot him down, came close to laughing at him when pointing out Congress' recent past history on immigration reform.

On to the legalities with Q&A with law professor Alberto Gonzales and then Jeffrey Toobin. Anderson wrapped up the speech coverage and said there would be more at 11 pm. A two-hour CNN film 'Ivory Tower' was scheduled next. CNN executive weasels knew this speech was coming up days in advance. How hard would it have been to move 'Ivory Towers' to a different day?

The last segment had "EPIC SNOWSTORM" coverage by Martin Savidge in Buffalo and a report about Ferguson MO and the grand jury with input from Mark O'Mara and Sunny Hostin.

I didn't watch at 11 pm and didn't see Anderson interview a "non-republican" politician. I wonder why this couldn't have been done earlier. Overall, the 8 pm coverage of Obama's speech could have been worse... but it also could have been better.

aries moon said...

Rep. Steve King has made some outlandish statements about Latinos in the past and probably shouldn't have been included in the show--same goes for Alberto Gonzales who was part of the corrupt Bush Administration and really has no place in lecturing Pres. Obama about whether or not his action on immigration is legal/constitutional or not. 360 sure can find tons of Republicans to fill the show but are apparently reluctant to book Democrats. Navarro seemed less critical of President Obama for once and was more honest about the problems her party has with passing immigration legislation--had to laugh when Borger responded to Navarro's comment that she was a Republican but that she is also truthful--Borger said the two aren't mutually exclusive--I beg to differ on that one. Henry Cuellar is the sort of Dem 360 likes booking because he's been critical of President Obama in the past--I would've preferred another Democratic rep to be on instead. Anderson couldn't let go of what President Obama said about executive orders and working around Congress--he kept harping on it repeatedly--it's good to have Jay Carney on board at CNN but I wish he was a little more aggressive in countering AC and the others on the show when it comes to defending the President's actions. The immigration executive action is perfectly legal and will be able to pass constitutional muster according to those who know the facts.