Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Anderson Cooper Live In Ferguson MO on Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Anderson Cooper anchored the 2PM ET Hour of Newsroom from Ferguson today.

And was back to anchor a 2 hour edition of AC360 tonight.   There was a funny moment when Miguel Marquez was reporting from NYC ~

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AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

I was three minutes late but don't think I missed anything other than an overview of the situation in Ferguson MO. Anderson is still there along with a bunch of other CNN folks. Chris Cuomo was reporting when I got to the show, focusing on the National Guard and the protesters.
There was a lengthy clip of George Stephanopoulos' interview with Dennis Wilson then a panel of Jeffrey Toobin, Van Jones and Mark O'Mara analyze Wilson's account.

During the show I spent a fair amount of time watching Hayes (also in Ferguson). It was a little odd during the Stephanapoulos interview because at the same time Hayes was talking with Dorian Johnson, the young man who was with Michael Brown at the time of the shooting. Completely different sides to the same story.

Here are the other 360 reports I saw:
= Randi Kaye on the differences in the different accounts of the shooting
- Toobin, O'Mara and now Sunny Hostin analyzing the accounts as proof in legal terms
- protests took place in other cities and Miguel Marquez reported on the "Fuck CNN" one in NYC (see ATA's clip)
- Sara Sidner reported on looting and property damage in Ferguson
- Anderson interviewed Gen. Russel Honore. Honore touched upon an issue I brought up yesterday: the nighttime announcement of no indictment and how things might have been different in the daylight.
- Anderson interviewed Pastor Carlton Lee.

Overall, a decent 360 for everyone who wanted to know lots and lots about Ferguson.

Did anyone watch the second hour?
Predictions on where Anderson will be for Wednesday's 360? I think he's already heading back to New York a little bit because Ferguson unrest should be winding down but mostly because of weather predicted to wreck havoc on northeast travel just in time for Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow I hope the situation is calm enough for Anderson to have other news and either a goofy dog piece (the spaghetti eating contest between a Golden Lab and a German Shepherd) or a sweet dog rescue report (the Swedish extreme sports group who rescued a stray dog in the Amazon/Ecuador, named him Arthur and brought him home).

aries moon said...

The outcome Mike Brown/Darren Wilson case is sadly no surprise to many of us but no less infuriating. No matter the 'evidence' gathered to prevent Wilson from being indicted may be, there remains a great deal of distrust and suspicion in how everything was handled--it wouldn't be the first time that powers that be in law enforcement manipulated facts and evidence in their favor or hired people to do it for them--I'm sad for Mike Brown and his family members and supporters who know how corrupt and unjust law enforcement can be towards people of color. There was much discussion about the looting and crime but the larger issue of how some will never receive a fair shake in the justice system should not be overlooked because of those who act out inappropriately. It was good to see the various protests going on in other cities, NYC was especially impressive. Anderson didn't interview any protestors as far as I know, but he did do some strong interviews with people on both sides of the issue and challenged all of them. It must be hard for AC to cover a story like Ferguson since he is a big admirer of law enforcement and sees them as dedicated heroes--unfortunately some of us don't quite have the same impression of them as he does--not to denigrate the good cops who might be out there. That moment with Miguel Marquez and the expletives leveled at CNN was pretty funny.

Don Lemon hasn't been getting high marks for his Ferguson coverage to say the least, so it was interesting when AC pointedly complimented the reporting of Jason Carroll on Twitter and not Lemon.

Anonymous said...

Don Lemon is a joke and an embarrassment for CNN. His hysterical reporting from Ferguson was ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

After watching the interview with Michael Brown's parents, I am never surprised at how "in denial"
parents can be, about their children.
Although I can feel their anguish even speaking about the loss of their son, there is still a video of him stealing from a convenience store, right before the incident occured.
Not that the act of stealing should result in murder, but if you had asked them "Do you think your child would steal from a convenience store,' they probably would have said "No," to that question as well.
What hasn't been brought up is Michael Brown's history, and the fact that he is NOT, a teen in the eyes of the law. He would have been tried as an adult. He was 18,
when he graduated highschool.
I know that past history does not count in the court of law, BUT, it does give an indication as to what may happen in the future.
We also still don't know anything about the make up of the grand jury. This is a very important aspect that no one seems willing to address. Were there any Afro-Americans on the jury, and what was the process of jury selection?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:13. Apparently you don't watch AC360 regularly. They have addressed the make up of the grand jury - 9 white and 3 black. The grand jury was not selected for this particular case, but is seated for a period of time and was selected prior to this event.

Unfortunately, many facts of this case will never be known because it was headed up by a prosecutor that didn't want to prosecute and a grand jury does not operate like a jury seated for a particular trial.

The Ferguson Police Department and the prosecutor have made sure that we will only hear what they want us to hear. Officer Wilson's story seemed pretty rehearsed and there were no photos taken at the crime scene because their was no "film" in their camera? Also, the police didn't bother to take measurements either. Not sure why Michael Brown's body had to lay in the street for several hours if they weren't taking photos or measurements, etc.

While I have no idea if Officer Wilson is guilty of a crime or what Michael Brown's actions were, this case and the actions of the police department and prosecutor smell of a cover up. Perhaps if they were more open and honest their wouldn't be such distrust in the community and this never would have happened.

Also, FYI, the AP has a pretty good article on the inconsistencies in the grand jury documents. You can find it by searching "Ferguson grand jury papers full of inconsistencies"

Anonymous said...

@12:16AM: Since you seem so adamant in your analysis of the event, it would seem that questions would start with the make up of the jury selection first. Why would they have been chosen "prior" to the event??
Usually the jury has to show impartiality to be seated, and should know little or nothing about the case.
Unless this jury was living in a cave, opinions were formed long before they even reached a verdict, and that's where discussions as to fairness and equality need to begin.
And.....like many, I try to watch as little of CNN as humanly possible. Forgive me, but I stick to the "written word."

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:34 You are confusing a Grand Jury with a Petit (Trial) Jury. Two different entities that serve two different functions. You should be able to find the difference by doing an Internet search or checking out a resource at your library on the subject.

Anonymous said...

I am well aware of what a Petit Jury does. I have served on both.
However, in this particular case, it would have been more beneficial
to choose a jury, with little or no prior knowledge of the case.
Depending on circumstance, there are grand jurys and jurors, who are chosen randomly, according to race and gender so as to 'secure' an indictment.
Obviously, in this particular matter, it was not done.

Anonymous said...

It is unfair that Darren Wilson is not allowed to even get a severance
package. He was acquitted of an actual crime and therefore vindicated. He has suffered enough, and there is no further proof that there was any wrong doing on his behalf, other than self defense. Any of us could find ourselves in the same situation if we were law enforcement officers....a split moment in time to make a life or death decision, and his career, which was very promising one minute, is now in shambles.
He has no way to make a living.
What was the use of vindicating him, if he's no longer to practice law enforcement, at least in another state?
This is now being carried to the extreme and we're going to find less good decent people, wanting to pursue a career in the police force, or any public servant sector.