Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Anderson Cooper November 19, 2014

Anderson Cooper was back in the AC360 anchor chair with a program heavy on the weather in parts of Buffalo, NY.   There was no RidicuList, but mention of President Obama's address on Immigration tomorrow night ~

According to the following tweet, Anderson's 60 Minutes report that he traveled to Palau for in April, will air this Sunday.  While 60 Minutes has yet to post their scheduled reports for this Sunday, we will watch for it and cover it after it airs.

AC360 Transcript
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aries moon said...

Pretty sure I won't want to watch AC360/CNN's coverage of President Obama's immigration speech--the report on 360 on Wednesday was bad enough. AC360's anti-Obama/anti-Democratic bias is long-standing but it still is frustrating to watch such dishonest reporting on the president and the continual glossing over the Republicans and their total obstruction of the president and their policy no compromise and them having no intention of working with him. Instead of focusing on how the Party of No has deliberately chosen to do nothing, AC360 jumps all over President Obama for making an effort to get some form of CIR going on his own. Anderson and Dana Bash know full well that the GOP will NEVER work with him but they frame the report to make it appear that the President is shredding the constitution and is a hypocrite. He has no other options since the Republicans refuse to do their jobs, but AC, Bash and the rest of the beltway media want to play dumb and give the GOP a pass once again. Neither Bash or Anderson mentioned that the GOP have been sitting on CIR for 510 days and have done nothing to move it forward. THAT'S what they should be reporting but they won't.

Jaanza said...

I watched all of Wednesday's 360 except the first three minutes. There was a decent variety of news but I couldn't get into most of it.

Here's the line-up:
-massive snowfall in and around Buffalos NY. Martin Savidge reported from there, Anderson interviewed Chrissy Hazard who's door was busted in by the snow and Chad Myers provided the meteorological report.
- Anderson interviewed Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown and then Jared Hojnacki who's wife gave birth to their daughter at a firestation because they couldn't get to the hospital in time due to the snow. Both of these were phone interviews.
- allegations of rape/sexual assault against Bill Cosby and a panel of Sunny Hostin and Bruce Castor.
- Ferguson MO waiting for the grand jury's decision on Officer Wilson; Mark Geragos and Sunny Hostiin discussed the timing of announcing the decision and other details.
- Obama's speech tomorrow on immigration reform; I didn't like the onscreen title 'GOP Outraged As Obama Preps Immigration Speech'. The GOP is mad about Obama using Executive Orders to reform immigration policy, not because he's preparing a speech; Anderson talked with Dana Bash about this all.
- more on the Buffalo snow and Anderson interviewed college athletes who were trapped on a bus for roughly 24 hours.

Now I wish I had paid more attention especially when Anderson and Dana Bash were talking about Obama and Executive Orders. Somewhere someone mentioned how many EOs Dubya had but I can't remember if that was on 360 or on Hayes.

Obama's speech tomorrow will be during 360's time. Will it be just Anderson covering the speech or will it be a CNN 'Best Political Team on Television' gathering?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't feel that the Obama Administration should be giving all of the illegal immigrants a pass on citizenship.
They came here illegally and will use our goods and services, healthcare is overloaded as it is, and with the stroke of a pen, our President will use his executive powers to make many families who have come here illegally, legal.
While I don't favor doing nothing, this overloads a system that is already burdened.
We are a Nation of immigrants who came here and gained citizenship.
They earned their right to be here.
What justification do most of these people have, except their length of time spent in this country??
This is a political move to gain the hispanic vote for the Democratic Party because they lost so badly in the midterms.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:01PM Did you listen to the President's Address or any of the breakdown afterward? What you have said is absolutely not true. The executive action only deals with deportation priority; it does not give anyone citizenship.

Congress needs to act and they can bitch and moan all they want, but until Congress acts, the broken immigration system is on them. This will be a true test of whether Republicans in Congress can govern or just try to bring President Obama and as a result, our country, down. Since I didn't hear any plans of how they envision immigration reform from Republicans tonight, I'm guessing it will soon become evident that they cannot govern.

Anonymous said...

It may not give them citizenship now, but practically speaking, where are we to house these people, school their children, and service them when they become ill?
Our system is overloaded NOW.
And yes, some of them will become citizens because they are not going to be deported and then our
Socialy Security System will be bogged down, more than it already is.
Our SS system is stretched beyond the limits now. I am not a Republican, but giving people all the rights of citizenship STILL burdens the system.
Entitlements WILL be a future problem if you care to think ahead. Obviously, you have not.

Anonymous said...


Contrary to what you believe I have researched and thought through what the Executive Order means. There's a lot of misinformation in the media and it seems that you are picking up on talking points that fit what you want to believe.

If you don't like the Executive Order I suggest you contact your congressmen and urge them to PASS A BILL.

Anonymous said...

The NYPost is reporting that there will be an influx of immigrant school children reporting to all different locals across the NYC school districts. Principals have been put on "high alert."
English language teachers are being sought in great numbers and this is just the beginning.
No, I don't need to urge anyone to pass a bill.
I will let the passage of this current bill run its course and let the Obama Administration defend itself because no one in the Administration, and that includes our President, thought ahead.
This is all a "reaction" to the disasterous midterm elections for the Democrats.