Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 - The RidicuList: Merry Christmas

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair and ended the program with a RidicuList ~

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Jaanza said...

It was a pretty good 360 on Wednesday but I still occasionally checked in on Hayes' substitute to see what he was covering.

Right at the start Anderson and Pamela Brown reported on Sony, North Korea, hacking and "The Interview". Anderson switched to U.S. and Cuba news rather quickly. He did an overview of Obama opening up relations with Cuba and then talked to Jim Acosta and Patrick Oppman for more details.
Onto a panel of Dan Restrepo and Ana Navarro. I bet you didn't know Navarro is psychic; she stated several times that the Castro regime was near an end, there will be big changes just around the corner in Cuba and the U.S. should hold on to the embargo-and-shunning policy until Cuba transforms itself which it most certainly will do very soon without the U.S. having to lift a finger.
Anderson and Restrepo pointed out how the embargo/shunning have not helped bring about any change in Cuba and the new Obama policy is a good idea. Navarro continued to sound like the child of Jeane Dixon and a squirrel.

The best part of the show was Anderson's interview with former President Jimmy Carter. 360 could have talked to political pundits or any number of Republican congressmen but instead choose Carter who totally agreed with Obama's plan. I was surprised and appreciated having Carter on 360..

Pope Francis apparently had a hand in the year-long behind-the-scenes negotiations between the U.S. and cuba so Anderson questioned Priest Thomas Reece. I watched Hayes' sub talk to a Cuban-American who's totally in favor of new better relations with Cuba. And I wondered how a discussion with that guy and Navarro would play out.

Back to Sony, hacking, North Korea and 'The Interview', there was more from Pamela Brown and a talk with a cybersecurity expert This segment started out well but soon bored me.

Nick Paton Walsh was back on 360 to report on the Taliban shooting of a Pakistani school. I noticed the report was labelled LIVE (when it obviously wasn't) and was glad to have noticed this for a reason I'll explain later.

I liked the medley of Christmas stories in the Ridiculist; my favorite was the Pennsylvania town with the "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree.

A few times during 360's commercial breaks, Mike Rowe's "Somebody's Gotta Do It" was advertised to be coming up right after 360. However, right at 9 PM, instead of Rowe there was Erin Burnett with "BREAKING NEWS" about Sony, North Korea, yada yada yada. I watched for a minute or two to get a clue what was so BREAKING in the story Anderson reported on LIVE less than a half-hour earlier. But I didn't get any clues. It was the same old stuff. Rowe would be justifiably pissed off.

aries moon said...

@Jenn, I responded to your excellent comment on Tuesday's 360 post.

Very news-heavy, non-filler 360 tonight. I agree with Jaanza about Ana Navarro--she is annoying as well as dedicated to antiquated ideas--President Obama and the Pope are moving forward.

President Carter praising President Obama and calling Marco Rubio's stance on Cuba ridiculous and lacking logic and rationale was one of the best moments on 360 in a long time.

AC is right about that giant snow monster thing in the Ridiculous--that's the sort of thing that would've given me nightmares instead of spreading Christmas joy as a child.

sandyeggo said...

I am a Habitat for Humanity volunteer and have worked at builds with President Carter 3 times. He is a hero.