Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 - The RidicuList: Nutty Airline Executive

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair and ended the program with the following RidicuList ~

Bit of trivia:  One year ago today Anderson was in South Africa covering the memorial service for Nelson Mandela.

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aries moon said...

Leave it to 360 to dig up a way to trash whatever President Obama does while at the same time giving Republicans a pass on their obstruction/inaction of comprehensive immigration reform. I'm sick and tired of hearing about how the President supposedly had to be pushed and pressured by the Latino community in order to finally move on CIR--you'd have to be an idiot to actually believe that he was EVER against it, which is what AC360 would have us believe--he wanted bipartisan action (CIR bill languished over 500 days w/Boehner) and just because he didn't do it at the time the Dems had the majority in the House and Senate doesn't mean he never wanted to or had ruled it out entirely the way MANY on the right have. The only good moment in that interview with Ramos was when Ramos said that it was mainly the Republicans fault that there has been no action on CIR and they should be blamed (and surprise, surprise, after practically calling President Obama a fraud on CIR throughout the piece, AC had NOTHING to say when Ramos made that statement)--too bad Ramos didn't just state that outright instead of giving AC360 what it always wants--a way to bash the President while letting the GOP off Scot-free.

Jaanza said...

Wednesday's 360 had a great start… and then sort of stumbled around of the rest of the hour. The CIA torture report is still creating ripples; Pamela Brown gave the overview then Anderson talked to Glenn Carle and Gary Berntsen for analysis. Berntsen blathered quite a bit in his attempt to justify U.S. use of torture and Anderson had some great pushback on Berntsen's more ridiculous statements.
This topic could have used a second segment to examine more ripples - like political damage, W/Cheney excuses, international response - but that's not what happened.

What did happen was part two of Drew Griffin's report on armed security guards. I watched Hayes' coverage of the 2015 Omnibus funding bill in Congress (a subject also worth a segment instead of a Bulletin blip on 360).

Someone has to explain the Gorge Ramos segment to me. As I understand it, reporter-guy Ramos interviewed Obama and they disagreed about immigration policy. Exactly how does that turn into an entire segment on 360 and interview with Anderson?

Also mystifying was Martin Savidge's "Crime and Punishment' report about a teenage girl burned to death in Mississippi. Horrible that it happened but why is this on 360?

Next up was a report on an old guy who was rescued after being lost at sea for 12 days. I'm going to bring up Hayes again. You know why? Because Hayes had a much more interesting report on Sony and North Korea and the movie 'The Interview'. So I'm not going to apologize for watching Hayes and writing about it here.
It all comes down to content.

The Ridiculist was okay but totally predictable. As soon as Anderson revealed the topic I just knew we'd get a clip from either 'Airplane!" or "Snakes on a Plane" It was "Snakes on a Plane".

Anonymous said...

Jaanza, it's nice that you're such an ardent supporter of Chris Hayes, he certainly needs it as MSNBC has been doing really badly in the ratings, particularly Hayes. I keep reading all those articles about how MSNBC is in free fall and no one wants to watch it anymore.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon I noticed that Anderson was suddenly silent when Jorge Ramos made the comment about the Republicans were to blame. I'm not sure why Anderson and AC360 have such an agenda against President Obama. I know he's not perfect and there are things that need to be called out, but to only bash, not give credit where credit is due and give the Republicans a pass at every turn is not fair and honest reporting. I'm so disgusted by the content of AC360 that my respect for Anderson is wearing very thin. I also found it very telling that AC360 booked John McCain all the time when he was bashing POTUS, but he hasn't been booked to discuss the torture report or no mention about his impassioned speech on the floor of the US Senate on Tuesday. I'm guessing it's because Senator McCain agrees with President Obama and the Dems on this and would be willing to bet money that's the reason he hasn't been booked.

@Jaanza I don't blame you for switching to Hayes much of the time any more. I used to watch AC360 as it aired, now I watch when I can FF thru the program.

Drew Griffin's reports don't interest me. Plus much of the investigative work is done by local media and Drew finds something, makes a trip to record something and slaps his name on the "investigation" - I don't think CNN does investigative reporting at all anymore. Add to that the odd "crime and punishment" reports, many repeats of previously aired reports and other "filler" and there's not much of interest on AC360 these days. Whoever is choosing the subject matter on AC360 needs to be shown the door. I don't think I'm the only one time very loyal AC360 viewer that's disgusted with the program content - the ratings are reflective of the declining quality.


aries moon said...

@Jenn, yes, AC360's constant Obama-bashing leaves me cold and suspicious of AC's claims of being fair to all sides and challenging both the GOP and Dems--there's plenty of Dem/POTUS bashing and challenging but very little criticism or real analysis of what Boehner and the GOP are up to--it's very frustrating.

Agree with both Jenn and Jaanza about Drew Griffin's reporting (he has been given an elevated role on 360 that I don't think he merits). The Crime and Punishment reports are just a waste of time. YES Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow do a much better job than 360 of covering real issues that affect people's lives. 360 and AC just don't seem to be interested in covering those types of reports.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon: Was wondering where you went because I always read your comments first....always objective and always mindful of current political events etc.
Glad to see that you are finally challenging AC and his thought process. Yes 'HIS' thought process.
CNN AND AC are Republicans and have a Republican agenda because they see how well FOX NEWS is doing AND AC in particular does not really believe in sharing the wealth, or shall I say, sharing "his wealth," and he will continue to vote his really large wallet.
That in a nutshell is why HE is, and always will be: Anti-Obama.

aries moon said...

@anon 10:29, thank you for your nice comment, I appreciate your thoughts.

I don't know anything for certain, but I've always felt that Anderson was more conservative than he was liberal--who knows where he stands on what, but you can sort of pick up indications in some of the remarks he makes from time to time. CNN overall has taken a big slant to the right recently, but I don't think that's the only factor in why AC360 is produced the way it is and I don't think AC is totally hands-off when it comes to story selection/guests. John McCain hasn't been given a platform for Obama bashing by chance--I think AC is behind a lot of it. The late Fouad Ajami was another critic of the president that AC had a lot of admiration for. I admit that I don't know what AC does in his private life or who or what he supports/contributes to behind the scenes, I only know that the direction that AC360 has taken of late is frustrating--he is not required to be in love with the president, but his job as a journalist is to TRULY be neutral and present both sides equally and not manipulate and tailor his reporting so that one side is seen in a bad light.