Monday, January 12, 2015

An Evening With Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen


We would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge the five year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake.  Anderson and the team were in the field for three weeks and the reporting was excellent.   If you wish to look back, here's the link to a recap post we did on the 6 month anniversary.

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Jaanza said...

Monday's 360 was mostly the terrorist attacks (Charlie Hedbo, kosher grocery store) in Paris. Although 360 was on ('Gotham" had the night off), I missed bits and pieces due to trying to cook during the show. Here's what I saw:

I was three minutes late, came in during Anderson's Q&A with Jim Sciutto about the latest terror suspect arrests and the general situation in Paris. Drew Griffin had a report looking at the background of the grocery store murderer and those connected with him.

Then Anderson talked to Phillip Mudd and Patrice Mengier about Al Queda recruitment in Europe, connections with Paris terrorists, the female terrorists suspect and investigation and tracking these guys.

Anderson talked to Alexis Delahousse, a French TV reporter who spoke with the grocery store terrorist. There was also a report on how four survived the hostage taking and killing at the store by hiding in a freezer.

I didn't see all (still cooking) of David Gergen's and Fareed Zakaria's talk on the White House admitting they should have sent an official to the Paris Unity Rally. Although I totally agree Obama or Biden should have been there, I hope one of them mentioned U.S. Ambassador Hartley was there and that France isn't in a tizzy about Obama not showing up. A Bulletin ended this segment.

The only other news was the story of the two black boxes from crashed AirAsia 8501 were found. Richard Quest and David Soucie discussed the details.

With barely more than a minute left in the show, Anderson finally had video of the Paris Unity Rally. I wish it had been more.

Thanks for info on the Anderson and Andy Cohen show coming up in March. Funny how the ad doesn't mention ticket prices.
Was Anderson in LA for Sean Penn's Haiti fundraiser on Saturday?

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza- didn't realize you're from the Boston area too. Tickets go on pre sale tomorrow, with a price range of $58.75-$128.75. There are additional "fees" (?) to these prices, so the cheapest ticket is actually $74.20. Sarah

aries moon said...

No complaints about President Obama from President Hollande or any other important French official over President Obama not attending the march, but we have supposedly 'objective' reporters like Jake Tapper and Anderson going out of their way to bash POTUS and of course David Gergen is always taken out of mothballs and propped up on AC360 when they want to rake POTUS over the coals. There has NEVER been a precedent for an American president to attend a march, NO ONE has ever done it and I think the Obama Administration simply wanted to shut the tiresome media up when they stated that it was a mistake for them to not send a higher profile representative. What are the chances that the US media would've NOT been critical if the president would've gone? If Tapper wants to feel 'ashamed' about something, he should start with his embarrassing fawning over George W. Bush and not reporting on the massacre in Nigeria by Boku Haram or Steve Scalise being in a position of power in Congress when he has white supremicist ties. Why hasn't Anderson reported on the massacre of 2000 in Nigeria yet?

Anonymous said...

I was a little disappointed AC360 didn't mention the 5 year anny of the Haiti earthquake last night and that it took a reply to a tweet for Anderson to acknowledge it. Anderson did some excellent field reporting in Haiti, the likes we haven't seen from him since. Today he seems to travel and stand in one place a lot and people come to him instead of him going out and gathering stories.

I FF thru much of AC 360 last night, especially when I saw David Gergen's face because I know he was only asked on to bash President Obama. The fact that the WH didn't send a higher ranking official than Ambassador Hartley was a bulletin mention at most. The outrage over President Obama not attending is a total US media made story. Christiane Amanpour interviewed a Senior Official in President Hollande’s office yesterday and he was in no way upset that POTUS didn't attend and complimented POTUS for what he did do - visited the French Embassy in DC, one of the first to call President Hollande on Wednesday, etc. I'm sure that interview will never be shown on AC360 or CNN Domestic. The story is an excellent example of "The Ugly American" to me - the US media trying to turn the story to be about the US instead of about France and millions of French people that attended the unity march.

It's too bad the WH press secretary had to play damage control and state "“I think it’s fair to say we should have sent someone with a higher profile to be there,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters on Monday."
I noticed CNN dropped the "I think it's fair to say" part of the statement, once again skewing the facts to fit their narrative. Did't Anderson Cooper say "facts matter"? I guess not to CNN and his staff?

IF AC360 wanted to cover the story of world leaders attending they could have aired the aerial photo that showed the leaders on a separate street and not part of the actual march. They didn't march with the people of France, but rather staged a photo op on another street for the press. Also, many attending the "unity" march oppress the media in their own countries and aren't really doing anything to fight the spread of terrorism, so to me that photo was a joke. Some may say it was a great image to show the world, but then again, the parts of the world that need to see it never will as they are only shown images their government/leaders want them to see. While Turkey joined in it was a little awkward that their government let one of the terrorist suspects pass through their country to enter Syria. While Russia was in attendance, last I knew they weren't about press freedom/freedom of speech. IMO many of the leaders were in attendance for a photo op to make them appear to be something they aren't and I'm glad POTUS didn't participate in such a "show". I think the leaders of France understand who their true allies are. Did AC360 acknowledge that leaders from Canada and Australia didn't take part either?

The EU has a problem with assimilation of immigrants into their countries - there is a huge anti-Muslim march taking place in Germany today. I'm sure Merkel is very concerned about security within Germany and remember terrorists can drive from one country to the other in the EU, creating bigger security issues. Perhaps this is what drew the EU partners to Paris on Sunday and the Unity March planned by the French people was just an opportunity to for a nice photo and Netanyahu, Abbas and others. The Washington Post has a good article on the free-speech hypocrisy of some world leaders marching in Paris.

Did AC360 mention that Secretary of State John Kerry would have been in Paris if not for his previous commitment as a keynote speaker at a summit in India and that he is traveling to France this week? Guess it's easier to just bash and bring on guests to pile on the bashing instead of investigating the reality behind the optic?