Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Anderson Cooper Anchors AC360 From An "Undisclosed" Location

We reported last night that Anderson Cooper is scheduled to be the speaker at the "Celebrity Forum" in Cupertino, CA each of the next three nights.  Given the time difference, Anderson is able to anchor AC360 and make the speaking engagements by anchoring from a local studio.  While his coloring wasn't as "orange" as it was from the LA bureau studio Monday night, it was definitely different than the NYC studio.

Tonight's AC360 ended with the following RidicuList - Lost and Found:

Anderson replied to a tweet from one of the Forum attendees:

We will watch for photos and news from his speaking engagements.

TV Newser broke the news today about Anderson hosting a political game show?!

CNN to Produce Political Game Show
By Chris Ariens on Jan. 21, 2015 - 2:24 PM

First on TVNewser: CNN is producing a political game show, TVNewser has learned. The blocking and testing of the show is happening this week at CNN’s New York studios.

Insiders tell us the show will be hosted by Anderson Cooper and will air on Presidents’ Day, Feb. 16. If it’s successful, further episodes would go into production.

We hear the program will be a quiz style game show, focused on presidential politics.

As the Sony email hacking story unfolded last month, one of the more interesting TV news stories to emerge was that CNN Worldwide chief Jeff Zucker had asked a Sony TV executive if the company would consider producing “Political Jeopardy!” for CNN.

That was a nonstarter. But now it appears Zucker is going his own way on a quiz show.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting the AC360 didn't even mention Cuba tonight when NBC's Brian Williams and ABC's David Muir even traveled to Cuba and anchored their broadcasts from there. I know Anderson had a commitment to keep in Northern California that prevented him from anchoring from Cuba, but AC360 could have at least covered the story. I'm over their terror mongering. I guess they have to promote the Republican fear agenda?

The game show makes sense given Zucker's deconstruction of CNN as a "News" network.

I do give Anderson kudos for acknowledging the mentions of "no go" zones in Paris/France during AC360s coverage in Paris. Thought Jindal's tweet was tacky as Jindal was doubling down on his comments about the U.K. Maybe he doesn't realize that Paris/France and the U.K. are two different countries?

Loved President Obama's comment about winning both elections last night. Hope he stays feisty!

Jaanza said...

I didn't like Wednesday's 360. There's little *BRAND NEW* news on the terrorism front today except for maybe Yemen. Anderson covered this topic very well in his first segment, talking with Nick Paton Walsh, a blonde reporter about the latest from Paris and then Paul Cruickshank on Yemen. Even though I was going back and forth between 360 and Hayes, I did see Anderson's comment on "no-go zones" and Jindal and I appreciate Anderson taking the time to state that.

If the State of the Union speech wasn't last night, I would have no problem with 360's first segment being all about terrorism. But the SOTU was last night and Obama said some good things. And the GOP and people responded. I didn't see/hear one mention of the SOTU in the show. Hayes gave it three segments (but not the first segment which was on the New England Patriots and under-inflated footballs).
Did Anderson and the 360 producers think nothing in the speech was worth reviewing today?

The second segment was on Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson (shooter of Michael Brown) and the probability he won't be charged in a civil case. The panel was Jeffrey Toobin, Areva Martin and Neil Bruntrager, attorney for Wilson. I watched Hayes cover SOTU, at the time figuring Anderson would get around to this topic eventually but with panelists like Gergen.

John Brman had an excellent report on the New England Patriots, the AFC Championship game and the footballs. I'm glad he included the comment that slightly-deflated footballs are easier to grip and catch. Several people I know (who are not avid football fans) were wondering why a slightly deflated football would be an advantage. Anderson questioned Berman and Mike Periera on this subject.

Attorney General Holder'x decision to change civl asset seizure/fortecture for the feds begat a GAry Tuchman report on the practice of police to seize assets, especially cash, believing it to be tied to the drug trade and keeping the money but without any arrests or charges. A good report but not as good as John Oliver's rant a few months ago about this.

Sanjay Gupta was back for an excellent talk on the measles outbreak linked to Disneyland and anti-vaccination advocates. Gupta presented the facts very well. If 360 isn't going to cover politics, how about a nice big segment devoted to Gupta crush the anti-vaccers?

I didn't watch the Ridiculist. hayes had a good panel discussing the new wealth/billionaire numbers and I figured I could always see the Ridiculist posted here. Well, it was posted here but it was Monday's. Oh well, If it was really good someone will chime in and let me know about it.

Jaanza said...

In addendum: Anderson and the political game show focusing on presidential politics - I'd rather see good political reporting on 360.

The ATA Team said...

@Jaanza Thanks for alerting us to the fact we posted the wrong RidicuList. It's fixed now.

Jaanza said...

I'll post this here and maybe tomorrow get a post in on what was on Friday's show.

Thursday's show started with BREAKING NEWS that was truly breaking: Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah died. This news was only an hour or two old. Anderson talked to Christiane Amanpour (via phone), Robert Baer and Nic Robertson about what King Abdullah did and about the future of the country.
Then it was a talk with Jim Sciutto on the haywire situation in Yemen

Call it "Deflategate" or call it "Ballghazi", it's not going away. New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady both gave statements today and even if they didn't, the story would stlll be big news. Anderson's panel was Ben Volin, Eric Kester and Mike Pereira. I liked the segment but could understand it if non-football fans changed the channel.

A traffic stop in New Jersey resulted in the cop shooting an African-American man. I missed part of Randi Kaye's report but saw most of the panel which was Sunny Hostin, Mark O'Mara and David Klinger. For me the only comment that stood out was Hostin's '...Martha Stewart would have been given the benefit of the doubt...'

The New Jersey incident got a another segment, a tangent report on pollice training with high-tech simulations. It was't a repeat of Gary Tuchman's earlier report on this topic; nevertheless, it was pure filler.

Hayes, at this time, had an excellent look at the GOP anti-abortion bill which the GOP pulled after GOP women and moderate GOP-members argued against it. I didn't expect 360 to have a segment on it but was hoping for maybe a blip in the Bulletin. There was no Bulletin. When I checked, the story wasn't on their first page. I prefer the older format of CNN's first page, which had categories of clickable news including (I think) politics. The new format of's first page looks like it's been given the "USA Today" treatment.

Gary Tuchman was there for part two of the civil asset forfeiture story. Thursday's report focused on a traffic stop turned cash seizure in Nevada. The report was notable for footage of Tuchman at the house of the police officer, trying to get an interview, and later, after he drove off, being pulled over by the guy's colleagues.

At the end of the show there was more on King Abdullah's death.