Thursday, January 15, 2015

Anderson Cooper Guest Co-Host on Live With Kelly & Michael on Thursday, January 15th

Anderson Cooper was guest co-host on Live With Kelly & Michael.  Hilarity broke out during host chat and ICYMI, the interview with Bradley Cooper was taped on Monday (prior to his academy award nomination this morning.)  While Anderson joked about a bet with Kelly in host chat not to mention the nomination to Bradley it was not to slight Bradley, but because the interview had been recorded prior to the nomination.  A lot of people were angry on Twitter and felt Anderson and Kelly were mean-spirited so Live was quick to post the interview was taped earlier in the week.

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Bradley Cooper part 1:

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Lisa Andrews said...

Anderson and Kelly mentioned Foie Gras today in a positive light, and I respectfully would like to ask Anderson and Kelly both to do a little research into what the practice of Foie Gras entails.

Jaanza said...

Thursday's 360 was almost entirely about terrorism. The one segment that wasn't about terrorism disappointed me because the topic was, I felt, not that important.

I was two minutes late. 360 was shoring a video of an anti-terrorism raid in Verviers, Belgium. Anderson talked to a reporter with the last name Black and also Chris Burns and Fred Pleitgen (both via phone) about the latest situation in Belgium.

Belgium wasn't the only country with anti-terrorism raids; Paul Cruickshank and Lt. Col James Reece were on to discuss them all and connections with ISIS. Next Jim Sciutto reported on the investigation of the Paris terrorism suspects. Also in this segment was the news of a Charilie Hebdo editor criticizing one of the late editors.

Christopher Cornell, the Ohio guy arrested for plotting terrorist attacks in Wash. DC, got a segment. Alexandria Field had a report with more information about this guy.

I thought that was plenty of terrorism news for the day but Anderson stretched it out further with "Mother's Message to ISIS". The mother is Zarine Khan of Illinois who's son is accused of supporting ISIS. Anderson interviewed her. I watched Hayes interview the attorney for the newest Cosby "alleged" victim.

Then there was more about Belgium; Anderson talked to a reporter named Vleirden for the latest.

The last segment, the non-terrorism segment, was about the two Yosemite climbers who succeeded climbing by using just themselves and rope. I just didn't care; back to Hayes with a panel scrutinizing the Oscar nominations with a special focus on "Selma".

Maybe Anderson is a huge fan of mountain climbers or climbing and thought a huge portion of his viewing audience was too. If you're one of those people, let me know. Let's see how many ATA'ers really liked the segment.

aries moon said...

Anderson seemed very energetic and talkative on Live with Kelly and I could see she was trying to steer him keep him focused on one subject when he'd go off into a different story than the one he was discussing--she knows her job well.

@Jaanza, I wouldn't call myself a big fan of climbing, but I have been following the progress of two men who succeeded in climbing El Capitan--it was a pretty amazing and impressive achievement.

Jaanza said...

Wolf Blitzer anchored Friday's 360. I "sort of" watched but most of the time was with Hayes. I don't have any problems with Blitzer anchoring, my problem was with the content.

Here's what 360 covered on Friday:
- latest terrorism news from Belgium
- latest on the terror suspects in Paris
- the fight against ISIS
- women involved in terrorism or with terrorists
- Boston Marathon bomber trial
- the Bulletin
- mom with cancer who delayed treatment due to pregnancy

The lead blip in the Bulletin was the Supreme Court decision to hear the anti-gay marriage lawsuit from four states. This was the lead story for Hayes and Maddow.

Terrorism is a big important news story but it feels like 360 has been seeking any and all tangent stories to … to keep the topic? to fill time? to avoid covering big political news? Is that why we get reports like "Terrorism Brothers"?

I adore Anderson but when it comes to 360 sometimes the content sucks. And when it does I'm not going to apologize for watching Hayes.

Anonymous said...

During the Host Chat on Live with Kelly, Anderson discussed being in Paris during this last Thanksgiving because that's where his partner is from. I remember some people around here were wondering the reason for his visit there. Now we know.