Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Anderson Cooper & Kelly Ripa on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen


While the Ladies of ATA were on vacation, Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa were guests of Andy Cohen's on Watch What Happens Live on Monday, December 22, 2014.  (It was taped earlier as Kelly was in Colorado at the time it aired.)   You may watch below if you missed it or wish to see it again.  And watch Live with Kelly and Michael tomorrow (Thursday, January 15th) to see Anderson guest co-host!  We will have it covered for you.

Any one surprised Anderson refused to dance?

And the WWHL Aftershow ~

From the following postings to social media, it seems as though at least the interview segment with Bradley Cooper for Live was taped on Monday.



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Jaanza said...

Here's my post that has absolutely nothing to do with WWHL or Andy Cohen or Kelly Ripa. This post is about Wednesday's 360.

360 was again a one-topic show about terrorism. At least I think it was, I missed a segment late in the show (the one right before the Bulletin).

360 started with the news of Christopher Cornell's arrest for terrorist plots against the U.S. Capitol Building. Pamela Brown had the details and later Anderson interviewed father John Cornell via phone, who said in essence 'my son would never do that' and 'the FBI entrapped him'.

Jim Sciutto is still in Paris and reported on the arrest of a fourth suspect and other terrorism-related news. One piece of new news was the Kouachi bothers plan to attack Charles de Gaulle airport with rocket propelled grenades. Later Lt. Col. James Reece and Paul Cruikshank analyzed this plan and other terrorism matters.

Next Anderson interviewed Rudy Guiliani about all the recent terrorism news. I watched just long enough to see Guiliani's silly red bowtie.

Gee, there have certainly been a lot of brothers (Kouachi, Tsarnaev, etc.) involved in terrorism so Jason Carroll filed a report about it. This report was pure filler and totally unnecessary. Even worse, Anderson spoke with Najid Nawaz on the topic.
I channelsurfed and didn't come back until the commercial break before the Bulletin. The Bulletin was the last segment and if there was another segment between "terror brothers" and the Bulletin, I didn't see it. But I'm hoping, against all odds, that there was a short segment in there and Anderson covered the news of the GOP-sponsored 'fund the Dept of Homeland Security Bill'. This bill includes a measure to undo Obama's recent effort to lessen restrictions on immigrants. Hayes covered this story; Anderson should have too.

Phebe said...

Jaanza, I applaud you for still trying to watch 360, the ATA team has all but given up.

Anonymous said...

Phebe, if the ATA team has all but given up watching 360, why continue doing this blog then? This is a serious question, so please answer it honestly without being defensive.

aries moon said...

Giuliani should be relegated to the likes of Fox News but I have the feeling that Anderson agrees with the worldview of folks like him and McCain and it's kind of disappointing to realize--I knew Giuliani wouldn't get through his discussion with AC without getting a dig in at President Obama and I knew AC wouldn't counter it but just let it stand.

Jaanza touched on this in her comment but I've noticed that 360 hasn't been reporting on the new Republican dominated Congress and the ridiculous/hurtful legislation that they've been putting up recently--President Obama will most likely veto most of the legislation they pass but it's interesting to me that 360 has not chosen to report on it. Is it because reporting on it means showing the GOP for the cruel, useless, backward-thinking, out of touch bigots that they are? Because now it can't be about just blaming President Obama for everything and I think maybe 360 and CNN in general has a problem with reporting honestly about how despicable and idiotic the GOP really are, but they have no problem blowing everything out of proportion when it comes to POTUS. Time for 360 to Keep Them Honest when it comes to what the GOP are proposing for the country, don't be their cover and pretend like nothing outrageous and offensive is happening in Congress with the GOP, because that is not the reality.

AC has been talking about American Sniper/Chris Kyle--from what I've read, there's nothing heroic or admirable about this guy, he was apparently a brutal killer, liar and a racist but he was in the military and AC seems to believe those in the military can do no wrong--that's not always true though.