Thursday, January 29, 2015

Anderson Cooper's Exclusive Interview With Marissa Alexander

Marissa Alexander was released from from prison Tuesday and her first interview was with Anderson Cooper.  In the clip below Anderson gives background on Marissa's case and the interview follows.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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aries moon said...

Jeff Toobin was right about how awful Florida State Attorney Angela Corey is--I'm surprised there haven't been mass protests to get her out of office. Marissa Alexander never should've spent one day in jail.

360 didn't report on the start of the attorney general confirmation hearings for Loretta Lynch. Rachel Maddow said the GOP are using the hearings to go after President Obama and Eric Holder and expect Benghazi, Fast and Furious and other pointless and disproven GOP nonsense to be brought up--that's usually the kind of stuff 360 rushes to cover. I don't care for how the GOP is handling the confirmation hearings, but I'd rather hear about that on 360 than another miracle baby born in the blizzard story--360 spends too much time on reports like this instead of covering more important subjects. I don't think they've discussed Boehner trying to undermine President Obama by inviting Netanyahu to address Congress--360 doesn't cover politics anymore?

Jaanza said...

Wednesday's 360 was okay but I still headed over to Hayes a couple times.

The lead story was ISIS and ISIS's hostages; Japan negotiating to get their guy back, ISIS new ultimatums and the female hostage. Jim Scuitto reported and Dan O'Shea and Frances Townsend analyzed.

I really like the fact that 360 followed-up on Marissa Alexander, the ridiculous charges against her and her release from prison (although now under house arrest with various exceptions allowed). Anderson's interview with Alexander was good but the Q&A with Toobin was great. I totally loved it when Toobin stated FL Attorney General was "incompetent" and the whole Alexander case "appalling".

The recent blizzard was summed up and Randi Kaye had a report on twins born in Boston during the snowstorm. I wasn't in the mood for a cutesy Kaye report and switched to Hayes.

The next segment was on the murder trial of NFLer Aaron Hernandez and I didn't watch this either.

The segment on the measles outbreak should have been earlier in the show. Elizabeth Cohen had a good report looking at how it started and spread. (Minnesota now has a measles case - a student at the U of M.) There was a Bulletin at the end of this segment.

At the end of the show, Anderson previewed "Voices of Auschwitz" and spoke to Wolf Blitzer about the upcoming documentary.

Keystone pipeline vote is today, will 360 cover it or continue to avoid anything political?