Wednesday, January 07, 2015

From The NYC Anchor Desk To The Streets of Paris, Anderson Cooper Covers Charlie Hebdo Attack

Anderson Cooper anchored the 8AM ET edition of CNN Newsroom this morning, then flew to Paris.

Anderson anchored a special two hour edition of AC360 (Wolf Blitzer covered the first 15 minutes) and included a discussion with Hala Gorani and Fred Pleitgen (also in Paris) toward the end of the program.

Anderson tossed the CNN coverage to Don Lemon and stayed on as a "guest" for the first few minutes of CNN Tonight.

A couple "behind the scenes" photos posted to Twitter.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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aries moon said...

A good program last night in Paris, but hopefully Anderson will be able to go out and talk to people instead of just broadcasting reports from correspondents.

Jaanza said...

When 360 started with Blitzer I don't think he said Anderson was in Paris and would be anchoring from there later in the show. I simply saw Blitzer and thought I missed Anderson once again in 2015 - 360 wasn't on 1/1, Tapper anchored 1/2, DH HAD TO watch 'Gotham' on 1/5 and yesterday I didn't get home until late.

So I watched a little of Hayes and channel surfed and was very surprised to see Anderson reporting from Paris when I landed on CNN again. I saw only the last part of his interview with Martin Boudet.

The rest of the first hour was all about the terrorist attack in Paris, covering many angles and aspects and talking to a variety of pundit and experts. I was glad to see Jay Carney included. I didn't see the second hour so thanks, ATA, for the clip of the final segment.

And how awesome was it of Anderson to almost immediately get on a plane and fly to Paris? To quickly travel to the news hotspot and do terrific field anchoring?
I like Aries Moon's suggestion to interview regular people, however, it's like 2 AM Paris time when 360 starts? Might be difficult to find Parisians up that late, able to speak good English and willing to be interviewed. But otherwise it's a good idea; Anderson could maybe tape those interviews from during the day.