Thursday, February 19, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 - The RidicuList: Owl Capone

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio and ended the program with a RidicuList:

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Jaanza said...

Was it a slow news day or is the Las Vegas road rage murder a great big deal? I don't consder it a front-page story but with so little else going on it becomes 360's lead story. Even the news out of the Mideast was pretty much the same old stuff.
The big news out of Las Vegas was about a suspect being charged and another suspect sought. Sara Sidner had the encompassing report, Toobin and Geragos had the panel and Randi Kaye had the filler / tangent report on road rage incidents (Kaye's report coming to you LIVE!!! All the road raging caught on camera right now!!! The entire report happening right before our eyes!!! Uffda, won't somebody at 360 fix the LIVE icon?)

The second segment was half on fighting ISIS, Jim Scuitto on the latest battles, and half on the Eddie Ray Routh 'American Sniper' trial, reported by Ed Lavendera

Ronald Reagan UCLA Hospital had an outbreak of a 'superbug' bacterial infection and two people died. Kyung Lah had the report then a Q&A with Sanjay Gupta.

Bobbi Kristina Brown will be eased out of the medically-induced coma. This news got an entire segment. Sunny Hostin and Sanjay Gupta discussed the medical and family issues.

Ryan Young's report on frozen Niagara Falls was pretty good and I think it truly was LIVE. Not LIVE and not necessary was Anderson's interview with a guy named Gachs about climbing frozen Niagara Falls. That's just my personal opinion; I know Anderson has a fascination with outdoor feats like this. A couple months ago it was two guys who mountain-climbed with their hands and ropes and a couple months from now it will be somebody else in the same genre.

While 360 had a good variety of topics, most were ones I was not totally interested in. However, I did like the clips in the Ridiculist on ill-behaved owls and the gold-lame-wearing joggers who encounter them. I even liked the gold-lame guy, not many people can boss that look.

On Friday's 360 will Anderson scrutinize Bill O'Reilly's "combat" remarks as well as he did for Brian Williams?

aries moon said...

Rudy Giuliani's truly horrible comments about how President Obama supposedly doesn't love America the way he does was a big story on most news programs for much of the day--360 chose to not cover the controversy, but why exactly? As with the other incessant Obama critics John McCain and the late Fouad Adjami, Anderson seems to admire Giuliani a great deal and it could be that because what Giuliani suggested about the president is so completely indefensible and repugnant, AC would have to acknowledge that and that would mean criticizing Giuliani (who he likes) and 'defending' the president (who he apparently doesn't), so to avoid that conundrum, AC360 ignored the story altogether. To be fair, maybe there wasn't time (they just HAVE to report on Bobbi Christina and the Vegas road rage story :/) or perhaps they were going to do a report on Giuliani but something fell through, but it seems to me that there are certain people who get a pass with Anderson and Giuliani, who is becoming more deranged and disgusting by the day, is one of them. There was a time when Anderson would shoot down right wingers spouting nonsense (such as birthers) but I guess that doesn't apply when it comes to his personal heroes.

Climbing Niagra Falls is quite an achievement, but I was far more impressed with those two men who climbed El Capitan about a month ago.

Another fun Ridiculist. Rachel Maddow did a few reports on Owl Capone a while back but the gold-lame wearing surgeon was pictured wearing a green leotard, yellow cape and yellow heels (he's a Green Bay Packers fan) and Maddow's staff created a sign warning about the owl attacks in the park which was subsequently turned into a t-shirt that the gold-lame surgeon wore in another photo on her show. "Thurston Owl the Third"!