Friday, February 20, 2015

Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen Take Their Show On The Road +

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen have added two more dates/locations to their AC2 Tour!    Both posted the same picture to their respective Instagram feeds on Thursday with slight comment variations ~


And the following photo was posted to Twitter on Wednesday ~

Andy Cohen was on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night and talked about the tour with Jimmy ~

Anderson anchored AC360 from the NYC studio tonight (Friday), despite it being Oscar weekend in LA.  There was no RidicuList but if anyone is interested in the video of Anderson's segment on Rudy Giuliani's comments including discussion with John King and David Gergen, please leave a request in comments.

And today is Gloria Vanderbilt's birthday.  Anderson posted the following to Instagram ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

Although the Dubai skyscraper on fire was indeed Breaking News, I didn't need an entire segment on it. I stayed for some of Anderson's phone interviews with a witness and a firefighter but liked Hayes' first segment (titled "The Guiliani Mess') better.
It looks like Hayes will be leaving the time slot (maybe leaving MSNBC altogether?) and I'm sorry to see him go. He's no Anderson but did have many good reports, coverage of news 360 was ignoring and was a good alternative to 360 at times like when Anderson was schmoozing with John McCain.

Sara Sidner reported on the latest in the Las Vegas road rage murder; she focused on the conflicting stories and the prior relationship the suspect had with the Meyer family. Jeffrey Toobin and Mark Geragos again discussed.

While I'm glad 360 had a segment covering Rudy Guiliani's remarks ('…the President doesn't love America…') I was also a bit disappointed that most of the coverage was on how other GOP guys reacted. There was a good clip of Guiliani trying to explain himself (on FOX of course) which boiled down to '…I'm sure he's patriotic but he criticizes America too much…'. David Gergen - panelling with John King - surprised me when he said Guiliani's remark was "an insult" and said there were shades of McCarthyiism in the remark. Again, more focus on other GOPers in the discussion. However, I did like Jim Acosta's short report on the flak and backlash Guiliani's been receiving.

Jim Sciutto covered the latest in fighting ISIS and the possibility of U.S. troops over there. This was followed by a Bulletin.

The latest news on the two Wisconsin girls 'Slenderman' attempted murder case was actually released yesterday. Randi Kaye filed her report today (it was broadcast LIVE! Sometimes that LIVE in the corner really irks me especially in reports that are so obviously not).

I saw that Anderson ended the show with an update on the Dubai fire but I didn't watch, instead preferring Hayes' look at the Oscars.

As stated previously, I'm disappointed Hayes is leaving. Go ahead and diss me for liking Hayes but also think about what it will do to Anderson's ratings when Maddow moves up into the time slot. I don't know when that's supposed to happen but she could be serious trouble for 360.

aries moon said...

Welp, the Giuliani controversy made its way onto 360--John King and David Gergen had some fairly tough words about Giuliani's comments but as Jaanza said, there was too much focus on how other conservatives responded to the news. I noticed Anderson was treading very lightly during the discussion--I think he admires Giuliani like Gergen does but he also realizes that the former mayor crossed the line (again)--anyhow, I was glad to see 360 take this on--I wasn't sure if they would. I was watching Real Time after 360 and the writer Fran Leibowitz was on--she wasted no time in saying that Giuliani's comments about the president were just out and out racist but that we now live in a society where you can't call a racist a racist without getting accused of being a racist yourself. People might be sick of the so-called 'race card' being drawn so often, but the reasons for it are usually completely justified, whether people choose to believe it or not.

I probably won't be able to see the AC2 show, but hopefully there will be a lot of chatter about it on the internets once it gets underway and we'll have more of an idea of what they talked about. I don't know if Anderson's headed for the Oscar party either, maybe he's using this time to work on the tour with Cohen instead. We'll find out soon enough.

I'm also disappointed about the changes in the MSNBC lineup--I liked Joy Reid's show and as Jaanza said, Chris Hayes covers subjects that AC360 is not interested in. It seems like liberal voices are being gradually silenced in cable news--but there are other outlets for liberals/progressives to be heard and get informed. President Obama is utilizing the internet in order to get many of his messages/policies across and it's been pretty successful so far.