Thursday, February 26, 2015

Anderson Cooper, Bill Weir & Philip Bloom Discuss The Wonder List

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio.  Not sure if most of the program was taped in advance or someone forgot to turn on the "Live" bug after the first segment.   The program did end with Anderson giving a preview of "The Wonder List With Bill Weir" that will air Sunday night's on CNN.  Anderson sat down with Weir and Bloom to discuss their travel and photography.

Philip Bloom posted the following to social media tonight ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

I had already heard plenty on "Jihadi John" aka Mohammed Anrazi from an earlier news program so I checked out Hayes' sub covering the GOP and the deal with Dept. of Homeland Security funding. On 360, I did see that Jim Sciutto had a report and there was a panel with Phillp Mudd and Najid (?) Nawaz.
It wasn't until Randi Kaye's report on ISIS recruitment efforts that I noticed the LIVE button was off. And then noticed it stayed off when Anderson was at his desk.
More channel surfing so I'm really not sure if Anderson's Q&A with Graeme Wood about ISIS was a new segment.

The Congressional brawl about funding DHS was finally covered and Dana Bash had good coverage on it. She basically said it was House Republicans who are stalling and putting up roadblocks. I liked the clip of John Boehner *kissy kissy* to a reporter instead of making an intelligent response; just goes to show everybody how mature Boehner is.
There was also a Bulletin with this segment.

I wasn't interested in the sentencing part of the Jodi Arias trial and didn't watch.

Because I was over at MSNBC, I didn't see the start of Gary Tuchman's report on the frozen Great Lakes, ice breakers and shipping. I really don't know if this was part two of Tuchman's report or the same report from yesterday repeated.

As stated too many times previously, I don't like 360 time being used to promote other CNN shows. The commercials for 'The World List" make it look like it belongs on the Travel Channel (along with "Parts Unknown"). The last segment for Hayes' sub was on the llamas running loose in Phoenix and a talk with Jack Hanna

Oddly enough, later I saw the beginning of Don Lemon's news show after Morgan Spurlock. Lemon was on live and his coverage of ISIS included Jim Sciutto's report I already saw on 360. However, this time the LIVE icon was on throughout the whole report. OTOH, guests/pundits/experts names are shown much better, in bigger letters in the on-screen title space without the on-screen tittle instead of scrunched in tiny letters underneath the on-screen title. Why can't 360 do this?

aries moon said...

Don't know why the "live" banner was up at the beginning of 360 only to be taken down a little later. The show was pretty heavy on ISIS in the first half hour so I switched to MSNBC. AC and Dana Bash had a brief but informative segment on the DHS/Immigration battle in Congress. I was happy to hear Dana Bash lay out the mess the Republicans have made for themselves--AC and Dana both seemed to agree that in spite of Republicans taking over Congress and making a big deal about how they are going to pull it together and show they can govern, nothing much has changed. They brought all of this on themselves. And Speaker Boehner is a worthless embarrassment--reporters need to continue to press him and not allow him to brush off serious questions.

I was wondering where Bill Weir gone all of a sudden, but he was working on his new series--it looks very good and I will try to watch it, but to be honest, it's the sort of program I'd rather see Anderson doing, it seems right up his alley, but I guess circumstances in his life and career wouldn't allow for something like that now.