Friday, February 06, 2015

Anderson Cooper Channel One News 1993

Anderson Cooper posted a Throw Back Thursday on his Instagram page.  Here's a short video from the time of the photo.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

I love the old Channel One videos of Anderson; big big thanks for posting this. Even though Anderson has dissed his "Flock of Seagulls haircut" I think he looks terrific.
Very curious timing about Anderson posting this now, right when Brian Williams is taking heat for lying about being in a helicopter under fire over Baghdad early in the Iraqi war. I'll have to check Anderson's Instagram to see if there's a different, logical explanation why he would post this now.

Ten minutes late to Friday's 360, I'm blaming YouTube. Anderson was talking to Peter Bergen and David Rohde about ISIS, hostages. Jordan, etc.

The second segment was also about ISIS. Anderson interviewed Paul Cruickshank and then a panel of Rick Francona and Mike Rogers.

Today there's a new idea that the TransAsia flight 235 crash (famously caught on video) was caused by pilot error. Richard Quest and David Soucie theorized what might have happened. Those guys are very smart when discussing this stuff but it all sounded very deja vu to me. At the same time Hayes was analyzing Obama's crusades comment in particular and religious wars in general with Professer Anthea Butler.

Yet another report focusing on the SUV driver involved in the NY commuter train crash. Randi Kaye reported on what the driver did and what the driver could have done. The only thing that kept this segment from feeling like pure filler was Anderson with the names, faces and short biographies of five passengers who died on that train.

I didn't watch Susan Candiotti's report on the Aaron Hernandez trial. Hayes covered the new HBO documentary series "The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst" and interviewed the director.

The last report was on the Maryland 911 operator who told a 13-year-old girl, calling in to say her dad had been struck by a car, to "stop whining".
The show ended with a Bulletin.

I'm still hoping to be named Managing Editor of 360. First thing I'd do is regulate any news about the Aaron Hernandez trial to a blip in the Bulletin.

aries moon said...

The timing of AC's Instagram photo posting made me wonder too why he posted it and whether or not it was connected to the Brian Williams controversy (was AC trying to profess his credibility/integrity/experience as a reporter?). When I was looking at Twitter the day he posted the pic, there were a lot of anti-vaxxers yelling at AC and saying nasty things about him because of the interview he did with former congressman Dan Burton--AC is media savvy and I think he may have posted the Instagram pic in part to change the conversation on Twitter so that the negative tweets about him and vaccines would be drowned out by the Sarajevo pic tweets. It worked for a while at least.