Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Anderson Cooper Hosts CNN's Quiz Show - Presidents Edition

On Monday night, February 16th, in honor of President's Day  Anderson Cooper hosted the first ever edition of CNN quiz show.  The program was taped on Friday, February 6th in one of CNN's NYC studios.  Three teams of two CNN anchors competed for money for a charity of their choosing.

Each team competed through a series of different rounds/challenges all having to do with U.S. Presidents in some way shape or form.  Anderson hosted the hour and at one pointed commented, "It's like herding cats!"   Enjoy ~

And the final round to determine the winners!

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

Don Lemon was really bad and lost abysmally. He's really not very knowledgeable, is he?

aries moon said...

Don't know how this did in the ratings but if they continue on with it, they're going to have to tweak it and AC is going to have to loosen up a little more--I know it's a lot to handle the CNN teams and try to explain the rules and keep up with every facet of the game and he did pretty well for the first time out, but he did seem a little tense and stressed.

I'm not an admirer of Jake Tapper, but he was very impressive in the game as was John Berman. Chris, Erin and Don, not so much. ESPECIALLY Don! Anderson made the right choice in not being a part of a team because the rest of them embarrassed themselves. It also might be said that the whole idea of CNN having a game show is embarrassing enough! Overall, I enjoyed it though.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Quiz Show was okay, but not sure I want to see it on a regular basis. I thought Tapper and Berman did a good job Saand was impressed by their knowledge. The rest, not so much; especially Lemon and Cuomo. Cuomo was pretty annoying with his whining.

Saw an article where Zucker made some false claims about CNN's news coverage. It was a little odd to see CNN do a game show during prime time Monday night. Perhaps Friday or the weekend would have been a better choice, but then again, I think CNN has lost much of it's news cred these days.