Thursday, February 12, 2015

Anderson Cooper Interviews David Carr & Remembers Bob Simon

This afternoon Anderson Cooper was interviewed by Vladimir Duthiers of CBSN remembering Bob Simon.  Please click here to watch the interview.   In the interview, Anderson explains why he called Bob Simon a "warrior-poet."

John Berman was in the AC360 anchor chair tonight, but Anderson recorded the following remembrance of Bob Simon "before leaving town." ~

Anderson interviewed David Carr yesterday for a segment that aired at the end of the second hour of AC360 last night.

News broke tonight of David Carr's death.   Here's the interview.  ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

How ironic...and sad.
Anderson interviewing David Carr on the same day as his death or hours before he
died, talking about Brian Williams and Bob Simon.
All this in one week.
And to think Bob Simon died so close to home after his own near death experiences all over the globe.
When you're time is up, it is up.

aries moon said...

This month has turned out to be a really shocking one when it comes to anchors/reporters in the news. I was very stunned to learn of David Carr's death, especially after having seen him on 360 just the other night--he was certainly one of the more memorable guests on the show and although I'm pretty sure I've read many of his articles in the NYT, I'd never actually seen him before or knew much about him--I enjoyed hearing him give his take on the Brian Williams controversy. Another big loss for journalism.

Thanks for posting the interview of Anderson by Vlad Duthiers--it's not hard to understand why Anderson would find Simon's work so compelling and why he was who AC aspired to be like as a reporter.

Jaanza said...

The piece about Bob Simon was the last item on Thursday's 360. Well done and I'm glad there were so many clips of Simon's work. Anderson's words were very apt and sincere.

On the local NBC affilitate's 5 pm (CST) news, Simon's death was reported and the clip accompanying the announcement was Anderson from yesterday's 360. I aapreciated seeing him seeing him there but I also thought it was odd that the station didn't use a clip of NBC news folk (maybe from 'The Today Show'?)

Berman did okay but I also watched Hayes. Here's the line-up I saw from 360:
- new questions about things Brian Williams had said
- Eddie Ray Routh's murder trial ('American Sniper')
-Obama's Buzzfeed vidfeo highlighting
- investigation of the boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina Brown (Whitney Houston's daughter)
- hate crime investigation in the murder of three Univ. of North Carolina muslim students
- Bob Simon's remembrance.

Thanks for the David Carr clip, I didn't see it broadcast. It was an interesting discussion and it would have been great if he had been on 360 more often.

Where did Anderson go to?

Anonymous said...

The NYPost is reporting that Bob Simon's limo driver drove with only one "working arm" and had nine traffic violations. He also had a "temporary license" and was homeless!
He was hired by a limo service used by
CBS News and had driven Simons a few times before this fatal accident.
You would think that CBS would check the
service more carefully if they carry famous personalities under their employ.