Thursday, February 05, 2015

Anderson Cooper Interview's Martin Pistorius, Author of Ghost Boy

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio and the Ghost Boy story made the broadcast.   Despite the "Live" bug, this was the interview that was taped on Monday and pictures were posted to Instagram by Pistorius at the time and included in our Monday post.

Anderson posted the following to Instagram today:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

I was two minutes late to Thursday's 360, Anna Coren's report on the plane crash videotaped in Taiwan was already in progress. There was some new information, new footage and survivors/family members talking to the media. Yes, there was new material to work with but otherwise I don't know why this was the lead story. When Randi Kaye's report on airplane seat belts started, I switched to Hayes (covering the measles). When I got back to 360, Anderson was talking to Richard Quest and David Soucie.

Next, the fight against ISIS and what Jordan's been doing about it. A report from Amman and a talk with Barbara Starr.

360 had a good report on the latest measles news (several new cases at a Chicago daycare center). Elizabeth Cohen did the report and in a Q&A with Anderson stated some doctors are refusing to see un-vaccinated kids. However, Hayes' measles segment was better. Besides the same basic story, he also had an interview with a California politician who wants a new vaccination law and an interview with an official from the Mississippi state health board. Mississippi and West Virginia have the best percentages of kids vaccinated; those states don't allow hardly any exceptions.

The driver of the SUV which caused a NY commuter train to crash was profiled in a Poppy Harlow report I watched more Hayes.

Maybe I'm shallow and heartless but the Martin Pistorius segment did not interest me. I watched Hayes' report on the labeling and content of dietary/herbal supplements and the FDA.
Nice catch, ATA, on the LIVE button on screen during this four-day-old interview.

The Useless Filler Report of the night belonged to Joe Johns and his report about Vladimer Putin's alleged Aspergers. In literally the last minute of the show there was a Bulletin.

Although it wasn't a terrible show there are still some changes I would have made before 360 hit airtime. So what does it take to be 360's production manager or managing producer or whoever is in charge? Who gets to tell Anderson, "Nope, Randi Kaye's and Joe John's reports don't make the cut. We can provide better news for our viewers."?