Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Anderson Cooper On The Death Of Bob Simon

Anderson Cooper reported on the news of Bob Simon being killed in a car accident in NYC on Wednesday night.

Anderson read Jeff Fager's statement:

Anderson stayed in the studio as Don Lemon's first guest on CNN Tonight:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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aries moon said...

Sad news about Bob Simon. Over the years, Anderson has brought up Simon's name as being a big influence on him as a reporter and someone he wanted to try to emulate. When I saw the breaking news banner come up with the info about Simon, I remembered right away how higly AC thought of him. A big loss for 60 Minutes and journalism in general.

Earlier in the day I was thinking about how AC used to do a lot of writing and wondered why he seemed to stop altogether--he was a fine writer and definitely had developed his own 'voice'. I wish he would write again--clearly he doesn't want to write another book, but it's too bad he doesn't seem as interested in writing these days.

Anderson's interview with the Chapel Hill shooting victim's sister, Suzanne Barakat, was heartbreaking and moving--she spoke with grace, dignity and love while dealing with an unimaginable tragedy--all three victims seemed like wonderful, accomplished people, so sad.

Jaanza said...

Thanks for posting the videos of Anderson reporting Bob Simon's death. I did not see 360's second hour but did catch the CNN news hour at 9 (CST). Anderson was a bit shaken up and spoke from the heart; it was too soon for anything scripted. Truly breaking news and one time the LIVE button could be believed.
More importantly, Bob Simon was a great journalist and a class act. He will be missed.

The first hour of 360 was mixed. The lead story was the murder of three Muslim University of North Carolina students at Chapel Hill NC. Jason Carroll filed a report and answered a few questions from Anderson. Apparently the motive is still cloudy: religious hatred? parking dispute? Anderson interviewed sister Suzanne Barakat, which to me got bogged down so I checked out Hayes and watched him cover Obama's fight against ISIS and request to Congress for more authority to do so.

ISIS and Obama was 360's second topic. Anderson spent several minutes talking to Dana Bash. I liked how Bash pointed out the mishmash of views from the GOP - Obama wants too much input from us some of the say but others in the GOP want to give more input.
That topic got a few minutes, the rest of the segment covered the death of Kayla Mueller, captive/hostage of ISIS. Pamela Brown had the report and David Rohde later talked about being a hostage.

Curious items in the Brian Williams segment. In Randi Kaye's report she did state there were accounts of water at the NOLA hotel deep enough to float a body. But she never mentioned Brian Stelter's account. Kaye left the issue up in the air, some accounts saying it was possible Williams saw a body floating near the hotel and other accounts saying 'nope, couldn't have happened'. This issue along with seeing a suicide at the Superdome and gangs at the hotel were scrutinized. Douglas Brinkley, half of the panel, said a floating body in the French Quarter was possible. Andrew Tyndall talked mostly about memory and embellishment. Tyndall also commented on newsmen's reputations, that they need to concentrate on journalism and not on being a celebrity.
Later during 360 there was a commercial for 'CNN's Quiz Show' with Anderson at the helm. Maybe it's just a one-time thing, maybe it won't be an embarrassment to Anderson's career. Then again, Anderson still does the New Year's Eve shows with Kathy Griffin and that hasn't hurt his career so far.

I didn't watch Drew Griffin's report on auto body shops claiming insurance companies are scamming people. Instead I watched Hayes highlight several examples of Jon Stewart's brilliance as a political journalist and then have a panel on that subject.

I did see that the second hour started with a report on the 'American Sniper' trial. Besides the news on Bob Simon, was there anything else reported in the second hour that's worth noting?

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but has Jack Gray blogged or been mentioned lately? he hasn't tweeted in a long time.

Hope he's ok.