Thursday, February 05, 2015

Anderson Cooper's Interview With Dan Burton

Anderson Cooper anchored an extended edition of AC360 from the NYC studio.  Despite the two hour time slot, the interview with the author of Ghost Boy did not air as previously planned.  Anderson's interview with Former Congressman Dan Burton about vaccines and autism was edited for the broadcast, but the full interview (as posted on the AC360 website) is below:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

I saw just the first hour of Wednesday's 360, thanks for posting Anderson's interview of Dan Burton. Anderson displayed some terrific pushback on Burton's flames and Burton displayed typical political spin doctoring. When he said he had studies to back him up but didn't have those studies with him, mentally I did my best Judge Judy, "Where did you think you were coming today? The Beach?" and later dissing Burton for his lack of research.

The first hour of 360 started with the Twiwan flight 235 which crashed into a bridge and then a river, caught on video. Richard Quest and David Soucie analyzed the details (in a report Anderson said was down "…a short while ago…" and broadcast without the LIVE button; the use of the LIVE button was sloppy later in the show).
The second part of the first segment was an update on the fight against ISIS with a possibly LIVE report from Amman, Jordan.

Fighting ISIS was all of the second segment. Although Barbara Starr's report had a statement from John McCain, it also had a statement from Sect. of Defense Chuck Hagel. Anderson discussed with Robert Baer and Mark Herting how the U.S. and allies could fight ISIS.

My favorite part of the show was Kyung Lah's report on Dr. Jack Wolfson, the anti-vaccination cardiologist. Wolfson is being investigated by the Arizona medical board and I hope 360 tells us what they conclude. There was also a Bulletin and an update on the Aaron Hernandez trial in this segment. I started channel surfing

Rene Marsh filed a rpeort on the NY commuter train crash and Anderson interviewed a guy who was a passenger on that train. More channel surfing for me.

The last report I saw was another one on the Taiwan flight 235 crash focusing on the one-year-old who survived and how & why some people survive airplane crashes and others don't.

As long as "Gotham" is new episodes I won't' be able to watch 360 on Mondays. Later in February "The Amazing Race" starts again so Fridays will be out.
Although 360 is repeated later i the evening, that repeat is usually up against 'The Daily Show'. Whatever happened to the midnight/1 AM repeat?

aries moon said...

Well let's just see if former Congressman Burton will supply 360 with the studies he thinks will prove his points but frankly, I think Anderson easily tore apart his arguments.

@Jaanza, ah yes! The Amazing Race is returning and with a new twist. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I for one, was very interested in the commuter train crash and the SUV.
This intersection has been in the news before and the fact remains this woman was caught on the tracks when the gate
went down. What do you do?
It could happen to anyone of us.
Yes, there was a warning and red lights were flashing but for some reason, unknown to us, she did not heed these signals and found herself trapped.
She couldn't move back, as was proposed, because the gate first went down on the roof of her vehicle and then slid down the rear.
The Taconic Parkway is a very dangerous and over used highway, especially in rush hour. Something went terribly wrong.