Saturday, March 07, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360: Ferguson, The RidicuList & Cooking with Cooper & Bourdain?

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair in NYC.  One segment dealt with more from the DOJ report on Ferguson.  First the background from Anderson ~

There was follow up discussion with Van Jones and Jeff Roorda.   We like a feisty Cooper and he did not disappoint trying to keep Roorda "honest".  (Roorda apparently has a problem with telling the "truth" as he was fired from the Arnold, Missouri police department in 2001 for making false statements.)

Jaanza nailed it in comments on last night's post, tonight's RidicuList was the Conan clip we posted yesterday.  Anderson offers Conan a tip about his hair!

And a few photos showed up on social media today, one from Anderson, about him cooking with Bourdain in his kitchen and using his stove for the first time!   It's a little confusing if the segment is for AC360 or Bourdain's Parts Unknown.


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Jaanza said...

Parts of Friday's 360 were excellent and parts were filler scraped off the floor to use to fill time.
The first segment was very good; Sara Sidner covered the latest about the fallout (to use 360's word) from the Dept. of Justice report on the Ferguson police. The panel with Van Jones and Jeff Roorda was great TV, loved seeing Anderson blast Roorda over the facts and Roorda's sappy spinning of them.

Kyung Lah covered the update of Harrison Ford's condition and the investigation into the plane crash. That's all that was needed. Unfortunately viewers got not one but two filler reports. The first was Randi Kaye's on Ford's flying history and the second was Gary Tuchman on flying in a vintage open-cockpit plane similar to the plane Ford was flying.

Also filler was the report on the Mexican immigrant shot in El Paso TX for throwing rocks. The man was shot on February 10 and the autopsy report came out late last week. Why is 360 devoting a segment to this now?
How about reporting on the corruption charges against Sen. Bob Menendez? Or the 50th anniversary of the Selma AL march?

Personally, I wish the segment on ISIS destroying antiquities in Nimrud and the Q&A with Bruce Feller had been earlier in the show and given more time. It was a good discussion on what happened, the history, the rumor ISIS sold artifacts, the message ISIS wants to send and talk about the U.S. in WWII and the Iraq wars not bombing historical / cultural sites.
I found this interesting because right now I'm reading "The Monuments Men" (also a movie which I haven't seen yet). It's about the small group of military men who worked to save monuments and art in Europe, not only from possibly being bombed by the Allies but also keep them from being destroyed or taken to Germany. The Monuments Men didn't get a whole lot of respect from the rest of the Army but that changed after the Allies, having felt they had no choice, bombed to pieces a nearly thousand-year-old abbey at Monte Cassino in southern Italy. The Allies were denounced for that and the Nazis gloated 'see, they will destroy everything, we must take your historical treasures to Germany for safeguarding'.
The Monte Cassino abbey was rebuilt after the war.

I loved the Ridiculist. I hoped Anderson would do something about Conan's bit but didn't think he would because Conan's comments diss CNN ("Breaking News: Dog Barks Again"). Anderson chided Conan for his hair blowing in the wind and said that's why he keeps his own hair so short. Although Anderson said Conan should report with more passion, he ended by saying it was the best rooftop reporting he'd seen in awhile.

aries moon said...

Roorda didn't get very far with his arguments after he described the damning DOJ Ferguson report as 'flimsy'. Van Jones barely got a word in edgewise because Anderson was so fired up and wasn't having any of Roorda's excuses or defenses. There is no justification for what the Ferguson police department subjected African-American citizens to and Anderson knew it. It was kind of surprising to see AC so charged up during this discussion--haven't seen him like that for a while and it was reminder of how good he can be at challenging guests when he's engaged, interested and perhaps outraged.

I wish there would've been a mention of the actual number of jobs created in February (295,000--well over the rate predicted) instead of so much focus on how far the Dow fell because of it but that's 360 for you--we're lucky they even put it in the bulletin at all.

The AC/Bourdain thing looks intriguing.